How to use UNISWAP to exchange AXIE INFINITY tokens

One of the biggest questions that Axie Infinity users have is related to the way of exchange your SLP for another token or real money. In case it is for another token, the best choice will be UNISWAP a useful tool used all over the world to exchange tokens. In this article we are going to learn about the whole process you need to perform in order to exchange tokens.

It is worth noting that this is quite simple and much cheaper than transferring to Binance and performing the exchange process on the exchange. We will tell you what UNISWAP is, how to exchange, what rate they work with, commissions and other necessary information.. Let's get started.

How to send SLP from Axie Infinity to MetaMask?

How to use UNISWAP to exchange AXIE INFINITY tokens

Any Axie Infinity player who has their SLP's within Axie Infinity will need to use the bridge provided by Sky Mavies to transfer the SLP's to MetaMask. This process is fairly straightforward and is the first step to exchange your SLP for another token.

  • You access your Axie Infinity account from your browser by logging in with MetaMask or Ronin Wallet.
  • Once you are inside, click on the option ".Bridge"and you will be directed to the Axie Infinity exchange bridge.
  • Here you will need to select the withdrawal option (first of all, log in to your MetaMask and Ronin account).
  • You will select the Ronin wallet (where the funds will come from) and the Ethereum network (MetaMask, wallet where the funds will go to).
  • In the next field you will enter the MetaMask address where the SLPs will go.
  • In the next field, enter the amount in SLP you wish to withdraw and the token itself, in this case SLP.
  • You confirm the operation, a window will open asking for confirmation of the operation, you accept and then sign the authorization in Ronin to send to MetaMask.

Ready, with this process we can have our SLP in the MetaMask portfolio and we will have everything ready for use the UNISWAP tool. Wait a few minutes for the transaction to be confirmed and enter the UNISWAP page to exchange the tokens.

How to use UNISWAP to change SLP?

We confirm that the tokens are in our MetaMask wallet and log in to to continue with the process. UNISWAP is a tool/platform for token exchange that are within the respective blockchains (the only one not supported is Binance's Smart Chain). It is quite useful and has a large number of tokens to exchange, you can also add your own by entering the cryptocurrency contract.

The steps we must follow to exchange our Axie Infinity tokens are as follows:

  • Within the web page, click on Launch App to start the process.
  • You will be directed to a new window that will automatically link to your MetaMask. If not, click on "Connect a portfolio" and enter the respective data.
  • The first field we will see is the amount of the token we want to change (in this case SLP) we can choose the maximum amount or whatever you want.
  • In the field below, we will select the token for which we want to change the SLP, there is a great variety as we have just mentioned. In addition, you can add the vast majority of tokens through their contract, which we will explain later.
  • When you do this, you will be shown the equivalent in token and in US dollars. You will confirm the transaction and it will automatically be sent to your MetaMask wallet.

As you can see, this process is really simple and you won't have to do much more than type in the amount and wait for the exchange. This process has less fees than sending from Axie Infinity to Binance and returning the process. Moreover, it is much more convenient and directly from your MetaMask.

Important information when using UNISWAP

This exchange network is decentralized and it is not controlled or biased towards any token or to obtain economic benefit from it. This tool has been used for years as one of the best options. With a volume of more than 300 billion dollars in exchanges and more than 50 million tardes.

These numbers indicate the superiority and reputation that the platform has, so your exchange will be safe. Well, let's see some details that you can take into account if you wish to change any Axie Infinity token.

If you wish to exchange your Axie Infinity token by one that not available natively within UNISWAPIn order to do this, you must follow these steps to register it correctly and perform the token swap. Let's get to know them:

  • You fill in the first field of the amount, when you have this ready, you will click on "Select a token" in the lower field.
  • A list will open with all the tokens available to change, click on the search bar and type the name of the token you want. If it does not appear, we must add it manually.
  • For this we will click on "Manage token list" and add the address of our token. In this case, if it is AXS, we will go to CoinGecko and search for AXS.
  • Inside the web page we will see the digital contract to copy, click on copy to clipboard and paste in the field inside UNISWAP.
  • This way we will have registered the token and it will appear with a "Added by user" message. This process can be done with all the tokens available in CoinGecko that are not in UNISWAP.

Always remember to check the volume, valuation and other factors when copying the contract, so that choose the right token. In many cases fake tokens similar to the original (AXS in this case) are created in order to trick the user into buying a useless token that is not valid for Axie Infinity. Beware of this form of scam.

If you want to exchange Ethereum in UNISWAP, you will need to leave a small amount in your wallet to assume the commissions.

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