How do I earn money on AXIE Infinity?

The new revolution in video games and cryptocurrenciesa game that unites both for a fun experience that can bring you economic benefit. This game is Axie Infinitya game similar to Pokemon, with strategy and card mechanics like Yu-Gi-Oh! or similar.

In this article we are going to talk about how you can start to gncrease revenue by playing Axie InfinityWhat you need, how to earn money and many more details of this project. With all the information presented in this article you will be able to start investing and having fun with Axie Infinity.

How to earn money on AXIE Infinity

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary games of this era, mixing the world of cryptocurrencies with a video game. This particular video game is based on the Ethereum network, which is where the Axies and their items are stored. Recently, the new Ronin network began to be implemented, a network created by the creators of Axie Infinity for cost savings on fees and a more efficient process.

The mechanics of the game are "simple" as far as it goes. 3vs3 game where your team will compete against another team to be the winner. The game has 2 game modes, adventure mode and arena mode (PVP against other players) in both game modes. we will have the opportunity to earn money.

The main element of this game is the combat between teams of Axies, but, we can earn money by breeding, selling and buying Axies. The mechanics of a decentralized marketplace that is owned and priced by the users themselves is what sets it apart. There are many types of Axie Within the market, different types, with unique skills and characteristics, it is up to you to choose which ones are the best for your team.

How do I get started in Axie Infinity?

Now comes the detail that may drive away players who wish to play this game and win a 40$ or 50$ the issue of investment. Within Axie Infinity we will have to buy 3 Axies as a base in our team, this is mandatory to start playing. Currently the cheapest Axies can cost as much as from 400$ to 500$, a rather high price for the average.

If you want a higher quality equipment, with a higher degree of purity and better cards, you will have to invest a larger sum. To get started in Axie Infinity you will need at least 1200$ initial investment. With your first team, you can start playing the adventure mode and the PVP arena for win SLP and sell them for real money.

The creation of the account is free, you will only need the Ronin wallet, MetaMask and a few ETH with which you will buy Axies. The most advisable when it comes to play Axie Infinity for the first time will be to play the adventure mode. In this mode we can get to know our Axies and know what combos work best, if they have tuning, types of strategy and so on. When we already have our team well known, we can face others in the PVP arena.

How do I earn money in Axie Infinity?

There are several ways in which we can earn money inside Axie Infinitythe most recommended and easiest to do is achieving SLP. The SLP is a token, this token is obtained by playing the adventure mode, completing tasks and winning battles in the arena. In one day we can get about 200 SLP on averagewhich, if we take into account the current value of 0.30$, represents a daily gain of 60$.

The other way to earn money inside Axie Infinity is with the Axies breedingFor this we will need 2 adult Axies that we can reproduce. For the reproduction process we need SLP (the amount varies depending on how many times they have been bred) we will need at least 300 SLP for the first breeding. This Axie will come out with similar characteristics to the sire and dam and can be sold on the Marketplace at a cost similar to that of their parents.

Another way to earn money in Axie Infinity is to by Axie TradingAxies, which is the buying and selling of Axies, is bought with the expectation of its appreciation. In this way thousands of users and large companies that are investing in the game manage to generate profits.

How much do I earn on Axie Infinity?

As we have been explaining in the previous segment, there are several ways of generate money within this game. We are going to use the safest and most constant way we can do, farming in adventure mode and arena mode. This way we will be able to earn SLP by completing levels and winning battles.

Within the adventure mode, we will earn SLP for each level we passThe farther the level is, the more SLP for the first victory. The important thing about this point is that the levels can be played infinitely, they have no established limit and the winnings can continue to be withdrawn.

There are better maps than others for farm SLPbut that's the subject of another article, if we constantly play the adventure mode, we can earn 100 SLP per day. This 100 SLP is the limit imposed in adventure mode.

In arena mode, our ranking will play an important role in the amount of SLP we earn. The higher we are in the ranking, the greater the reward for each victory, and if we play Arena with energy we will earn much more. In arena, we can earn up to 100 SLP if we have a good winning ratio.

Adding these two game modes together, we can find 200 SLP gain minimum daily minimum, that's not counting the Task, where we will take 50 SLP. Now, you can generate 250 SLP with a maximum time investment of about 4 hours per day, less than a working day and more than a salary.

And the best of all is that this game shows no signs of running out of steam. make money are still intact.

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