How to earn money playing video games

How to earn money playing video games

Today we can enjoy many sources of income that were unthinkable before, there are people fulfilling a dream, make money playing video games. This is the case of famous people such as youtubers, streamers, people with large audiences, etc. And with Axie Infinity is no exception, with the only detail being that you won't need fame or a large audience.

In this case, money is earned by playing the gameo and earning profit by various methods that we will detail later in the article. If you wish to know how to earn money playing video games stay with us.

What is Axie Infinity and how can we earn money playing it?

Axie Infinity is a game based on Pokemon, in which we must assemble our own team from 3 AxiesThe mechanics are similar to Pokemon with a combination with games like Yu-Gi-Oh! where cards are used in rounds and it's up to you whether to attack, defend or pass in each round.

It is a strategy game quite simple, with mechanics that anyone can easily understand. It does not require experience playing other titles or a life as a professional gamer, any person willing to learn can earn money in Axie Infinity.

But, the detail we all want to know, how to win money in this game. Well there are several ways, the most basic one is to play adventure and arena in order to win SLP (Smooth Love Poison); which is a token with value and a large circulation, it has a market on Binance.

The other ways are a little more advanced, which are the buying and selling Axiesthe breeding, scholarships and other. We will give a brief review of the latter ways to earn moneywe will focus on winning more than anything else SLPhow much we need and how much is earned. Let's start with the complete guide on how to make money with Axie Infinity.

Making money on Axie Infinity - Everything you need to know

This game is a source of income that can equal a salary if you dedicate 3 or 4 hours a day to it, but, it requires a initial investment. It is the detail that prevents many people from earning money playing Axie InfinityBut how much are we talking about? We are talking about 900$ - 1000$ approximately, let's find out why so much money.

To start playing in Axie Infinity we will need to have Ethereumwhich is the currency exchangeable for Axies. The Marketplace is based on Blockchain with technology from ETH and the Axies for sale measure their price in this cryptocurrency, at the start of the game we will need to have 3 Axies to form our first team.

We must have a tank, Support (variable) and a DPSeach one of these Axies has an average price of 330$ to startwith characteristics, purity and others that do not stand out so much. If you wish to Axies you will have to invest a lot more money, but be careful, don't try to "save"The reason for this is that you may get Axies with little competitive capacity.

Wait a second, you might wonder why this crazy guy wants to recommend us. invert 1000$ in a little game to buy 3 animals that are worthless. These 3 little animals will help us to build our first team, we can play adventure and arena, win SLP diarybut What is SLP, how much is it worth and how much can I earn?

The SLP are love potions in the game, a token with a average value of 0.14$ in the market, it has its fluctuations up and down like any crypto. Well, by playing daily approximately 3 or 4 hourswe can earn from 150-290 SLP daily. If we do the math, it would be about 21$ - 40$ per daywhich would result in an average monthly balance of 900$.

Now if it gets interesting, to win these SLP you will not need an additional investment, only with buy your Axies you can already earn that much on a monthly basis. You can recovering the investment initial in just 1 month, juicy numbers...

And best of all, you won't need any special skills or to spend days in front of the computer without sleep. Playing like an ordinary person, earning SLP, playing adventure, arena and so on for 3 or 4 hours and you can get all that money.

Other ways to earn money in Axie Infinity

The ways that we were telling you previously, is the purchase and sale of Axies, this can be a good option, in the Marketplace the owners of the Axies can buy and sell them. Axies they put it on sale at prices created by themselves. You can get very good deals and sell them later at a better price, especially with eggs.

The other form of making money in Axie Infinity is by breeding Axiesfor breed Axies we will need 2 adults and put them to reproduce. After a while we will have an Axie with a value similar to that of the 2 parents, that is to say if we have a parent that cost 300$ and one that cost 336$ we will have a breeding with a similar value. You can breed up to 7 times with each Axiebut it is advisable up to the 5th, after that it is no longer profitable.

In the case of scholarships or scholarshipsIf you will need a large economic potential, then you should give an account with a team already created to another person, who will be in charge of play and win money. Earnings are usually divided 50/50 between both parties, you can win up to 500$ with someone else's work on a monthly basis without risking your Axies or account.

The scholarships can also benefit you if you are the scholarship recipient, if you have a good knowledge about the game and you want to be a scholarship recipient, you can contact influencers who launch scholarships for their followers, they are very common. You can reach out to earn up to 500$ per month without investment, only carrying the account of another person.

With all this clarified, we can realize that Axie Infinity is more than just a little game similar to Pokemon, and that has great potential from here to the future. It's only just beginning and riding the wave can make you gamuch more money.

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