I can have several Axies accounts

I can have several Axies accounts

Axie infinity is a platform that literally sells its users the opportunity to generate money by enjoying a video game. It earns money from its players by performing basic, common and fun actions such as collecting coins, completing daily quests and engaging in combat.

This platform was created by Sky Mavis and Trung Thanh Nguyen, who observed the thousands of people who dedicated part of their day or even their entire day to farmin video games where it is illegal to perform this type of actions.

These users carry out farmeo, selling valuable objects that are part of the game, such as gold, plants, minerals, materials, among others. In the platforms of Runescape, league of legends, world of warcraft (WoW), among others.

Actions that are illegal, since these platforms do not allow their users to sell or exchange any of these items. That's where the idea of Axie Infinity came up, which went live in 2017, creating a community where farmeo was completely legal, for those people who followed the established rules.

Of course, like all video games, it has a series of rules established to balance the correct functioning of the platform, preventing any of the users from having more opportunities than others.

Axies Infinity game rules:

Some of the users who joined the platform wanted to generate higher profits. breaking the ruleswhich caused a wave of bans by the platform moderators.

Due to this kind of inconvenience, the platform has become increasingly secure, monitoring each account and each action by users, with a system very similar to that used by the social network Instagram, to know the exact time it takes each person to perform a particular action.

For the better understanding of the players and in order to reduce bans, Axies rules have been summarized in 4 main rules, the user who wants to read them in full will find them in English, just remember to translate them correctly.

First rule:

Two different accounts, managed by different people, can be connected to a same IP addressThe system can be operated from different devices, in this case, it does not affect whether they are telephones or computers.

It is necessary to remember that the monitoring of the platform will allow the administrator to know if different people are managing the accounts.

Second rule:

A person may have a single account and is the only one in which he/she must play, this rule must be complied with or the user's accounts will be banned.

As a consequence of the ban, Axies and accounts will be seized for a total of five years, according to the currently established rules, although, through the official information platform, announcements have been observed where the possibility of increasing the time of the sentence to indefinite has been studied.

In this case, users who fail to comply with this rule will lose their Axies forever, without the possibility of recovering them.

Third rule:

When a player has two different devices, for example, a phone and a computer, he or she can open your account of Axie in both media and access them from any IP address, without violating the rules at any time.

Fourth rule:

This rule was designed especially for those people who do not have enough time to dedicate to play Axie Infinity, so it is completely allowed that two users play on the same account.

For this, it does not affect at all if they are located in different regions or countries, they can still access the account and divide the tasks along with the benefits.

There are users who want to invest in the Axie Infinity platform, but do not have the time available. Or in other cases, they have the resources to maintain more than one Axie infinity account.

For these cases, the Axie Infinity platform encourages users to give other users the opportunity to participate in this game through scholarship accounts. This is a special feature of the platform, where one person is in charge of managing multiple accounts.

Benefits and requirements to create scholarship accounts.

Among the main benefits that a person obtains by having a scholarship account server, are the following multiple economic entriesacquired in exchange for very few shares within the server. Profit percentages vary according to the agreement made between the users.

In addition, it has a community of users, who can soon become experts in the field and produce a greater sum every day, as well as efficient results in other areas of the game. They can be rewarded, in order to encourage their good work.

When a player wishes to enter this model, he must study and know the platform in depth, so that he is aware of every important detail, which he will apply in due time.

One of the first points to deal with is the breeding of Axies, this can be governed through a special "farm tree", which indicates to the user the correct way to carry out the reproduction of the Axies. It is necessary to take into account the percentage of purity that they present, because this will guarantee their quality.

For those players who do not wish to go through this complex process, they can skip this step and go directly to the market and buy the necessary Axies with the specific capabilities.

Steps to create a "scholarship account

The user must have a minimum of three Axies to transfer to the scholarship account, so that the player to whom the account is granted can fulfill all the requirements of the game.

According to the latest updates made to the platform, the player will be able to count on a total of 100 scholarship recipients. Prior to this rule change, only 20 scholarship accounts were accepted.

Step 1: The user must log in to the Axie Infinity account, in the upper right part of the screen, click on the symbol that opens the list of extensions.

Step 2: Click on the last option in the list, which is under the name ".Ronin Wallet"This will directly open the Ronin account associated with the Axie platform.

Step 3: There you will see the main account as well as the scholarship accounts that are created. Click on the penultimate option, where you will find the plus sign, accompanied by the words "-".create Account". This will begin the process of creating a scholarship account.

Step 4: The user must enter the name or number he/she designates to keep his/her scholarship accounts in order and select the "createThe "blue box" is located inside a blue box.

Step 5: In the lower left part of the screen, click on the word "-".log out"red color.

Step 6: The account owner will see three options on the screen, select the "login with ronin wailet"which will appear in the first place. And confirm the message that appears as a result of the previous action.

Step 7: The player must reinstate the name selected for the scholarship account that is in the process of being created and click on the " " button.Save".

Step 8: Before completing this process, at the top, along the screen, there will be an announcement asking the user to complete the data with an email and a password.

Step 9: In this case the user does not necessarily have to create an email for each scholarship account. Between the e-mail name and before the "@" you can place the "+" symbol and list the scholarship accounts created.

Example: firstname.lastname+1@gmail.com

Example: firstnameandlastname+3@gmail.com

In this case, the platform will send it to the original email, without taking into account the "+" symbol or the numbers placed after this symbol. This means that the platform will take them as different emails, but they will all arrive at the same address.

Step 10: Enter the selected password and click on the confirm option. The platform will immediately send a six-digit password to the e-mail, which must be entered before completing the process. Once the password has been confirmed, the process is complete.

For those who turn in a scholarship account, according to the rules, you must wait 24 hours before entering another Axie account, because before this time, the servers will take it as inflation of the established rules. This is because a user cannot play on two accounts.

The data provided to the platform can be modified at any time at the player's discretion. The scholarship holders can have access to both the name and the password, which cannot be used for any negative action against the owner of the scholarship account.

The scholarship accounts are completely secure and functional when you want to have more than one Axie account, besides being legal and even faithfully supported by the server.

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