How to hatch an egg in AXIE Infinity?

How to hatch an egg in AXIE Infinity?

One of the most interesting processes within Axie Infinity is raising eggsThis process will give you another Axie to your family for a lower cost than the purchase cost. For most people, this process can be complicated to understand, so in this article you will learn everything in detail.

Let's detail what you need to hatching an egg in Axie Infinityhow much it costs, how is the process and so on. At the end of this article you will know if it is profitable and you will already be an expert in Axie egg breeding.

What does it take to hatch an egg in Axie Infinity?

To achieve hatching an Axie eggFirst of all, we will need 2 adult Axies, a few AXS and SLP. Let's know the quantities and the process to be done to reproduce two adult Axies, let's start with the requirements.

The first things you will need are 2 Axies, these must be adult and no matter what type of Axie it is, they can mismatch and still reproduce. Axies have a reproductive limit of 7 times, but, it is cost-effective Axies breeding until the 4th time, thereafter it may result in losses.

If you want Axie's egg to be of good attributes and with cards that you want, you must examine well the genes possessed by both Axies. In most cases, when they match in recessive genes and so on, the cards and attributes are similar to those of the parents. Don't cross Axies madly because it will not give you good results, besides the egg will not have competitive cards in the arena mode.

Now we will need AXSis a cryptocurrency used to pay the breeding processin total we will need 4 AXS for any process. The value of this cryptocurrency averages 22$ so it would be about 88$ on average to raise the Axies. We must have the AXS in the wallet synchronized to the Axie Infinity account.

We will also need SLPThe amount varies depending on how many offspring the adult Axies have. Virgin Axies we need 150 SLP for each one. The average value of the SLP is 0.25$ so we would need about 80$ for the first reproduction process of the Axies, then the amount of SLP required will increase.

The total value also depends a lot on the price of the cryptocurrency, some days it will be cheaper and others very expensive. Have a good timing with market movements and your investment will come out perfectly.

How to raise an Axie egg?


Once we have well defined the Axies we wish to reproduceIf you are not sure about the breeding process, proceed to enter our inventory and follow the steps that we will give you below. Follow everything to the letter and you will have a successful breeding process.

Steps to follow:

  • Log in to your Axie Infinity account and confirm that you have the necessary extensions open.
  • Access the inventory section and select one of the Axies you wish to reproduce.
  • At the top of the page you will find the option "Breed"We click on this option and we can start with the breeding process.
  • We will get a window indicating everything required for the reproduction, the first thing we will do is to select in the other field, the other Axie that we want to reproduce.
  • After choosing it, it will show us the number of SLP required for Axies breeding, this depends on the number of offspring the Axie has had previously. If they are virgins it will be 300, if each one has 2 offspring it will be 900 SLP.
  • Now click on the blue "Let's Breed" button where the breeding process will start.
  • We will be shown the wallet pop-up menu where we will be asked to confirm the transaction for 4 AXS and the respective SLP, confirm and continue.

After an amusing animation showing how the Axies fall in love with each other and achieve to have an Axie eggIf the egg is in our inventory, we will have the egg hatching in our inventory. To see the egg we must go to our inventoryreload if necessary and the egg will come out.

One thing to be aware of, always check that the Axies blend will be profitable and with good qualities. The better the mixthe more market value it will have and your investment will be more profitable.

Important details when breeding Axies in Axie Infinity


There are many factors that can determine how efficient this process is for you and how much profit you get out of the process. Axies crossing. The first thing we must take into account is in the degree of purity of both AxiesThe higher the degree of purity, the greater the possibility of having an Axie of the same type with very good cards.

An Axie with a good level of purity will be most expensive on the marketIf the Axie is of low purity, with normal cards and not very outstanding qualities, you can sell the adult offspring at a good price and get a return on your investment. On the other hand, if the Axie is of low purity, with normal cards and not very outstanding qualities, it is possible that the return on investment will be minimal.

There is also the case when you want to "duplicate"This process is more selective and complex than any other. We will need 2 Axies with the same genes and cards, for this we can search in the Marketplace and filter them according to the quality we want. When crossing these two Axies, the chance that the egg will come out identical to the parents is quite high.

We recommend do not breed Axies until after 4th brood if it is an Axie with a market value between 400$ and 600$, then the return on investment will be zero or you will end up in losses. This process is recommended with Axies that have a high market value and their offspring can be sold much more expensive than the breeding process cost, which is very high from the 5th breeding onwards.

Take into account the market, if the price of the AXS and the SLP had a drop, take advantage of it for reproduce your Axies. This will give you a better return on your investment in dollars.

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