What is Jinx in AXIE Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a strategy game, similar to any other card game like Yu-Gi-OH!, Clash Royale and others. For this reason, it is important to know all the effects that can generate the cards that we use, to know that are debuffs like Jinx is essential.

If you want to know everything about the buffs and debuffs that are presented in the game, read on and you will be more than prepared for when you enter the battlefield. You will learn about the effects and consequences of each of the debuff so that you don't use cards without knowing that they can be harmful to you.

What are buffs and debuffs?

What is Jinx in AXIE Infinity?

Within most strategy games, we can see these terms present, some already know what they mean, while others do not. Being a strategy game, we must take advantage of every point that can serve as a slight advantage or harm the opponent. This type of buffs and debuffs are incorporated into an extra element of the game that is not part of the basic characteristics of a character.

A buff can be considered as a boost for the character that has it, an increase in damage, speed, defense, etc. In the case of Axie Infinity there are 3 types of buffThe speed, attack and morale cards. Each is designated to a card and depends on the team's deck. benefit or not from buffs.

A debuff is the opposite, it is a drop in the characteristics of your character and certain abilities, it is something harmful for the players. The debuff is mostly applied by the opponent, although on certain Axie Infinity cards, such as the eggshell, the debuff is applied as a kind of adverse effect.

Use to a large extent the buffs and debuffs can provide us with a advantage within the battlefield and give us an advantage more by intelligence than by power. If you wish to know buffs and debuffs that exist in Axie InfinityWe will explain it to you below.

List of Buffs in Axie Infinity

As we have previously explained, in Axie Infinity, there are only 3 buffersWe are going to detail them below so that you can know the effect of each card. After reviewing these buffs Let's move on to debuffs, let's get started.

  • Speed Up: East buffAs its name suggests, it will increase the speed by 20% during the rounds that the card marks. The special thing about this buff is that it is stackable and you can use 3 cards to receive an additional 60% of speed.

The Speed buff is excellent for attacking birds and Axies to be the first to attack and get a good head start.

  • Attack UpAs its name indicates, it increases the attack of the Axie, specifically the 20% of attack of the Axie that uses the card. The effect will remain during the rounds indicated on the card, this effect is also stackable, you can stack 3 to get an additional 60% of attack.

This type of card is also useful for DPS in general, be it fish, beast or bird. Increase attack can surprise the opponent and be able to win the round much faster.

  • Morale Up: Its name is also quite intuitive, it increases by 20% the morale of the Axie that benefits from it. buff. This card is also stackable, you can place several cards that will give you this buff and achieve a higher percentage of morale.

The card should mostly be used for the beast type Axies with a higher level of morale. This card will guarantee you a good critical during the rounds indicated on the card.

Debuffs inside Axie Infinity

Now it is the turn of the debuffsThis list is more extensive than the buffsLet's get to know each of them, including the Jinx. Let's get to know their concepts and in which case they are detrimental to us.

  • StunThe debuff will stun the opponent until you try to attack the opponent. This debuff will not let you connect any attack and your defense ability is greatly reduced. It leaves you at the mercy of everything in a nutshell.
  • AromaThis debuff is well known for being used on one of the strongest cards in the game, the eggshell. This debuff will leave a cloud of scent on top of the Axie, this will make all the attacks of the enemy team go to the Axie with the debuff. This card is lethal if you don't have the Pigeon post, but if you have this card, prepare your opponent to receive as much damage as possible.
  • ChillThis card will not allow the Axie to enter the Last Stand state until the card indicates it.
  • FearThe Axie begins to feel terrified and is deprived of its ability to attack other Axies. The effect of this debuff depends on what the card indicates.
  • FragileAxie's shield with this debuff receives an additional 200% of damage. This effect lasts as long as the card indicates, this card is good to apply to those rock-hard tanks.
  • JynxThe debuff for which you probably entered this article, it has a negative effect on critical hits. The Axie that receives this debuff will not be able to connect critical hits during the rounds set by the cards. It doesn't matter if your beast guy has critical buffs, or has very high morale, he won't be able to connect critical.
  • LethalThe Axie that suffers this debuff will receive a critical attack in the next round no matter who attacks him. The duration of this debuff is set by the card.
  • PoisonThis debuff is a kind of poison, the Axie will lose 2 life points for each action performed during the round. If your enemy uses 6 cards, you will lose 12 life points.
  • SleepThis card makes the Axie who suffers from it available to any attack, as he will not be able to defend himself from the next attack he receives.
  • StenchThe Axie is "ignored" if there are 2 or more enemy Axies during the time established by the card.
  • Speed DownThis debuff is exactly the same as the speed buff, but in reverse. For each time this card is used, the enemy will lower its speed by 20% and it is stackable and can cancel the effect of a speed buff card.
  • Morale Down: This debuff works exactly like the morale buff. It decreases the enemy's morale level by 20% and leaves him with little chance of applying a critical hit. The card is stackable and lasts as long as the card sets.
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