What are LANDS in Axie Infinity?

What are LANDS Lands in Axie Infinity?

Axie infinity currently has more than 17,000 players, of which at least 1,500 have benefited from axies scholarships, which are distributed in countries such as Venezuela, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Axie is a breeding and adventure game which was developed in Lunacia; the country of the axie where the creatures' homes are established, these lands can grow over time, as long as the necessary tools are used, which will be obtained during the game.

LANDS in Axie

The lands in Axie are distributed in plots and these in turn, by 64 spaces belonging to a grid of 8×8. The truth is that these plots of land are only one "more" mode of playing axie infinity, since only the arena mode and adventure mode are known, and both are used to accumulate that precious love potion that will allow breeding between axies.

Can you improve your land in axie? Yes, and this is possible through battles and exchanges between players. It is worth mentioning that there is only a small chance that a plot is equal to another, because in axie there are different types of soil, thus having forest, mystical, arctic and savannah, and these in turn differ depending on the value of ETH and through the resources that can be obtained through them.

It is worth mentioning that, although it is not available, there is a mode in progress and it is that of battles in real time, these can be carried out either individually or in groups, and the results can be used to improve the conditions of the plots. For now we only have a small part of Lunacia and we are sure that at any moment many more regions will be enabled.

Composition of Lunacia

You should know that Lunacia is made up of more than 90 thousand plotsareas that make up the well-known axie world. In Axie infinity there are roads, rivers and resources. Land can be rented, all owners have the right to make any changes they deem necessary in their plots.

On the other hand, independent creators will have the possibility to create on Lunacia based on wormholes. All the resources generated on Lunacia will be used to improve the lands and axes. Some resources will only appear in the game when one of the seven moons shines. Yes! you must be attentive to the game to take advantage of these moments.

But there is even more, because there are special lands known as genesis landsOf these, only 220 plots have been created, of which 65 were offered during the first wave of sales.

You can travel around Lunacia and go through the roads, in the same way you can collect resources either from the ground or from plots that have no owner and be aware of any combat against chimeras, these are creatures that try to cause terror in Lunacia. The ideal is to take advantage of all available resources, you never know what they will be used for.

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