As most of us are familiar with, Axie Infinity is a game of card strategywhich you must play at the optimal moment to achieve victory. The title is similar to Pokemon and games like Clash Royale, which incorporate strategy with these mechanics. This is why it is essential to know the cards of the game from head to toeto know both your own Axies and your opponent's Axies.

On our website you will find all information related to Axie Infinity cards. We take care of covering all the cards by their kind, explaining how much damage they do, their defense, energy cost, passive, tier list rank and much more.. With all this information you will be ready for battle.

Our mission is to guide you in battle so that you know when and in what situations you should play your cards for best results. It is important that you know all this and also, if a card performs better for an Axie tank, Support, DPS and so on. Learning in this sense never hurts, the rest you will learn as you play in the PvP arena.

The cards will be divided by categorydepending on whether it is plant, bug, bird, beast, fish or reptile. This way you can easily see the type of cards that exist and everything related to take into account the information at the time of purchasing your Axie. This guide can work for you before and after the purchase of a AxieThis way you will know which combos work and which ones can perform better in battle.

If you want to know all the cards of the game, it is time to visit our page.You will not regret to know all the Axie Infinity cards in detail, we are waiting for you.

Fish type charts

Angry Lam Aquatic Axie Infinity Angry Lam Card

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Plant type charts

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