EXP Level Guide in Adventure Mode (PVE)

EXP Level Guide in Adventure Mode (PVE)

Obtain EXP is one of the most important parts if we want to progress in our rate of farming in Axie Infinity. Getting a good amount of EXP on a daily basis can accelerate the level of our Axies and therefore, faster gains. If you want to know the complete guide about how to farm EXPstay with us.

In this article we are going to show you how much EXP all the levels in the adventure mode give you, tips and recommendations to pass them. After reading the entire guide you can go to adventure mode and apply everything seen in this article.

Importance of energy when farming EXP

Sky Mavies implemented some time ago, a system that limits the user to a certain amount of energy that can be spent daily in adventure or arena mode. The energy used in Axie Infinity is similar in concept to any other game with this system. The main idea is the "opportunities" you have during the day to play a certain level or perform certain actions.

The amount of energy distributed to each player varies depending on the amount of Axies he/she has in his/her inventory. The base number of energy is 20which is given if your inventory does not exceed 9 Axies (they can be eggs or adults). The more you increase your number of Axies, the more energy you will have.

If you have between 3 and 9 Axies you can have 20 energy per day and 5 will be recharged every 6 hours. If you have between 10 and 19 Axies you will have 40 energy which will be recharged 5 energy points every 3 hours. Finally, if you have more than 20 Axies, your total energy will be 60 and will be recharged 5 points every 2 hours.

All this information can be seen in the main screen that is displayed when you enter the adventure mode. At the top left you will see the amount of energy and the time remaining to recharge. But well, you may be wondering how all this affects my intention to farm EXP inside Axie Infinity.

The importance of energy when farming EXP is very simple, you can get rewarded in EXP in the adventure mode if you have energy. You must use your energy well on a daily basis if you want to level up your Axies as quickly as possible. Now we will explain the best strategy you can use to get the EXP you have during your first days.

Best strategy to quickly earn EXP in Axie Infinity


When starting out within Axie Infinity, it can be a bit tricky to know the best strategies to apply to rapid EXP increase. With the above explained you will be guided to know that your energy yields as much as possible.

The best thing to do is spend all your energy in adventure mode during the first 20-30 days in Axie Infinity. Do not rush to play the arena mode without first getting to know your team of Axies and gleaning inside the adventure mode. The best thing to do is to enter and try to pass all the levels spending the energies that are given to us daily.

Repeatedly practice this over the course of days, will cause your Axies to level up rapidly and you will be able to complete the levels in a more efficient way. If you get to see complications in a level, where you try different strategies and equipment changes, it is recommended that you take a step back and EXP subas in other levels until you level up your Axies.

When all the levels become easy for you and you don't take too long to complete them, you must change the strategy. Now you must spend your energy in the arena mode to get rewards in SLP during your battles. Here we will present you a list with the levels that give the most EXP in Axie Infinity.

  • Level 1: Grants 51 EXP
  • Level 2: Grants 59 EXP
  • Level 3: Grants 111 EXP
  • Level 4: Grants 118 EXP
  • Level 5: Grants 141 EXP
  • Level 6: Grants 199 EXP
  • Level 7: Grants 256 EXP
  • Level 8: Grants 237 EXP
  • Level 9: Grants 282 EXP
  • Level 10: Grants 300 EXP
  • Level 11: Grants 344 EXP
  • Level 12: Grants 429 EXP
  • Level 13: Grants 378 EXP
  • Level 14: Grants 347 EXP
  • Level 15: Grants 358 EXP
  • Level 16: Grants 402 EXP
  • Level 17: Awards 367 EXP
  • Level 18: Grants 446 EXP
  • Level 19: Grants 434 EXP
  • Level 20: Grants 401 EXP
  • Level 21: Grants 644 EXP This level is special, it is quite difficult and can take longer than usual.
  • Level 22: Grants 449 EXP
  • Level 23: Grants 618 EXP
  • Level 24: Grants 582 EXP
  • Level 25: Grants 618 EXP
  • Level 26: Grants 797 EXP
  • Level 27: Grants 735 EXP
  • Level 28: Grants 759 EXP
  • Level 29: Grants 800 EXP
  • Level 30: Grants 1209 EXP
  • Level 31: Grants 810 EXP
  • Level 32: Grants 724 EXP
  • Level 33: Awards 891 EXP
  • Level 34: Unknown
  • Level 35: Grants 805 EXP
  • Level 36: Grants 820 EXP

This is the complete list of all the levels of the adventure mode that Axie Infinity presents, the logical thing would be to farm in higher levels to get more EXP. But no, in many cases it turns out to be better option to farm at low levels that are easy and fast to complete.

How can playing adventure mode in Axie Infinity help us?


Playing the adventure mode will bring us many benefits throughout our experience within the game. The first thing we can highlight is that will serve as a testing ground to test our Axies and get used to the equipment. We can learn the best strategies, card combos and complements depending on the team.

Being a game against the computer, it is much more relaxed to play, the pressure is not as much as the one we feel in a PVP game. This will allow us to experiment in our games without fear of losing points in the ranking. Really playing a lot in adventure mode will indirectly help us in our PVP battles.We will have more experience with our team and this could give us a competitive advantage over our opponents.

Another point in favor of play a lot of adventure mode and farm EXP with our energies, that is, clearly, the profits in SLP. During the last update, the earnings in SLP have decreased by 50%, we can now earn 50 SLP per day in adventure mode. But rest assured, this move promises to increase the value of SLP within the market. Your USD earnings may not be affected.

Obtain a good amount of EXP while playing the adventure mode will make it easier for us to get SLP faster and with less effort. We can complete the 50 daily SLP without inconvenience and we can spend our energies in the arena mode in search of better rewards.

Don't rush to play the arena mode in Axie Infinity for at least 20 days, until you can pass all the levels of the adventure mode without a blink of an eye, as they say. From then on you can start spending your energy in the arena mode. By following all the tips and recommendations we gave you here. you will be able to earn good EXP throughout your experience..

In the adventure mode you will encounter a wide variety of enemies to defeat, so we do not recommend using the same configuration of equipment for each level. This can bring you good results, but if you use specific combinations for each level, you will be able to dig into the boss' weakness and complete it much faster.

A detail to keep in mind is that our Axies, as they level up in the adventure mode, will increase in terms of capabilities and game potential. This does not apply to sand modeAll Axies retain their native potential and have nothing to do with what was done in adventure mode.


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