Is MetaMask a portfolio?

Is MetaMask a portfolio?

MetaMask is a wallet for digital currencies, it works as a free browser extension, which is accepted by Firefox, Google Chrome and even Brave. Through this channel, users can transfer their money from one platform to another at their convenience.

One of the main applications that MetaMask interacts with is with EthereumMetaMask allows the storage of all types of tokens found in the application. MetaMask is easily used even by people who do not know much about cryptocurrencies.

In addition, it offers security to each of its users and is probably the most secure wallet in the world. secure to work with cryptocurrencies, even so far it has not presented any information theft, attack, hacking or similar.

The security system used by MetaMask provides the account owner with a key phrase or seed phrase and a password personal, so no matter what the inconvenience, your entire account can be recovered with the keyword and password, so it is essential to protect them and not to share them.

The deficiency of this server is due to its constant use, it is active at all times, day and night, so hardware wallets are more secure for storing large amounts of data.

MetaMask also allows each individual to perform the transformation to foreign exchange of the money in your account, to the national currency of your country in real time, working the platform in the language of your choice.

These are, among other things, the main characteristics for which more than one thousand people use it on a daily basis to mobilize cryptocurrencies.

In fact, the MetaMask installation system is so easy, it has three simple steps:

Steps to install MetaMask

  • Step 1: Download the MetaMask extension from the official website. Users have several ways to download MetaMask, but the most reliable of them all is to do it directly from the official website, selecting the "start" option will open a section where you can create a wallet.

When creating the wallet, the user must choose a password, it is recommended that it is completely unique and is not being used in any other account.

The password must contain 8 characters that will be divided between uppercase, lowercase, symbols and numbers. Then the user will proceed to accept the terms and click on "create".

Then the MetaMask platform will provide you with a key phrase or seed phrase, consisting of 12 words, which you must copy exactly the same and store it in a safe place. With this phrase you will be able to access your funds in the account in case of any accident, loss or damage to your browser.

To finish this process, the user must perform the passphrase confirmation and the platform will automatically grant an Ethereum wallet.

  • Step 2: Click on "add"The user will have direct access to the MetaMask personal wallet at any time he/she wishes.
  • Step 3: Accept the permit. You will notice the application symbol in the upper right corner of the selected browser which will be available at any time of the day or night.

It should be noted that the above steps should be followed by those who have not had a MetaMask account before. In case you already have an account, you should select the "import wallet" option instead of the "create wallet" option.

In this case the user will not create a new MetaMask account, but will access his old account with his private data. The same user can have as many MetaMask accounts as he/she wants, where each account will have a unique Ethereum address.

Retrieval of the key phrase or seed phrase

In case the user is using the personal MetaMask account, but does not remember what the passphrase is, or doubts whether it is in the correct order, or simply wants to confirm it, he can do it very easily.

  • Step 1: You must access to the MetaMask account. If you have the extension in your browser, you can find the application symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Step 2: Once the account has been deployed, you should go to the "Account" section.configuration".
  • Step 3: You will then navigate to the "security and privacy"where you must click on the option "Reveal seed phrase"

The user must remember that, in the event that his access to the browser is interrupted by an alternate situation beyond his control, he will not be able to recover the coins or tokens present in the account if he does not keep his passphrase or seed phrase. You will not be able to recover the coins or tokens present in the account if you do not keep your passphrase or seed phrase.

How to send or receive tokens

The token transaction is becoming more and more common among the various types of users, in the home screen of the user's MetaMask account, there will appear, among others, the option to "add tokens".

Then, the name of the token to be added must be indicated in the corresponding box. Finally, just select the token and add it to the wallet. The main screen will show the tokens that the account has active.

In case you want to send a certain amount of tokens, you must select and copy the address of the Ethereum account from which you want to send them, then paste it in the recipient's field and accept the option "transfer".

Generally, these Ethereum addresses have a long list of numbers and letters, both upper and lower case. It can be confirmed in the wallet that the token transaction has been successfully accepted.

It is suggested that before making transactions of large amounts, the user try smaller amounts to see if the account is working properly. This will give the user experience and familiarity with the platform.

Digital currencies are circulating more and more, making it necessary to turn to wallets such as MetaMask for reliable transactions, which provide secure storage of digital assets.

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