What is fear in AXIE Infinity?

What is fear in AXIE Infinity

One of the most dormant Ethereum blockchain technology games, Axie Infinity has a lot to give. In addition to incorporating the opportunity to play and win in cryptocurrencies, you will also be able to revive Pokémon-like game spaces. Between tricks and strategies, we will tell you about the best options to incorporate fear in Axie Infinity through special letters.

One of the effects is considered as a status modification that can come in the cards selected for the attack, and appears at the top of your Axie when you run it..

However, for some beginners its use can be fatal. You will notice a purple emoji-like icon over your Axie or your attacker's Axie. It can be a great power and defense option if used correctly.

What is buff and debuff in Axie Infinity?

The state modifiers are also known as "debuff" (negatively affect your Axies, so far 13 status modifications) and "buff"(positively affects your Axies, 3 status modifications) these medications make the fights much more interesting.

Axie Infinity has managed to witness an overwhelming growth and is full of Gamers who also consider themselves traders, thanks to the profits they make from the respective game. Today we can hear how winning battles can be of great benefit in obtaining cryptocurrencies. and improve the condition of your portfolio.

We are facing a video game that is full of details associated with blockchain technology, essential to have fun and adventure, but always necessary to know. how and when to use each Axie and which cards to play with. The right combination can give you favorable results.

If you are starting to dig into the game and the best way to get extra cryptos along with fun, you should take note of the best ways to incorporate fear into Axie Infinity.

Like any video game, the ideal is to know the strategies and how to use your Axies for different attack and defense functions.

You require a team to play and being the case there are 3 Axies that you have to buy in order to get started. The positions that are placed in the battles are fundamental, from the Axie that you leave in the tank generally the one that has more life and those of defensive positions that can be more powerful in attack in rear positions.

First of all, consider that the important thing is to get the best Axies to compete against other players or against artificial intelligence. Level up in the middle of each battle won.

One of the qualities of Axie Infinity is the creation of new Axies. Each creature can be improved as you progress, and for many it is a delight to create new and unique Axies.

Fear in Axie Infinity How does this state modification work?

Each combat is characterized by the the play of the cards that you can perform and the way in which you will perform itAs we have said, strategies are everything when it comes to playing the game. These cards also represent advantages and disadvantages in the game..

Fear is one of the effects that can be applied, a status modifier, it comes built into the cards, but the cards must be used correctly so as not to end up in an auto-attack, as this card can cause damage to your own Axie if applied incorrectly.

Advantages of the fear effect:

  1. Status modifier that focuses attacks on the Axie that is afraid.
  2. This Axie can neither attack nor defend
  3. A complete stun time for such Axie
  4. You must wait for the attack before applying the fear effect.

Disadvantages of the state modifier:

  1. If not used correctly it can reverse the fear in itself
  2. You can fail in the use of the cards
  3. Only one shift works
  4. If the card is cast before the other team the damage is on your own Axies.

Now, based on that, we can employ fear in a strategic way in every battle whenever your opponent's attack is expected. It is considered one of the rare status enhancements and the directly affected Axie has no attack effect.

Importance of state modifications in Axie Infinity

To begin with, to know each of the status modifications will help you to play the game in the right way and achieve the objectives of each battle. Also knowing them will help you understand when you are receiving an attack and the reaction your Axies may have.

Axies must not only be placed in the right positions, but also the strategic use of the cards and their functions is important. Know each of the cards you own and play skillfully before casting them.

Consider that if the level of play increases you will be exposed to more state modifications. The fear is placed by the attacker on the opposing team.is one of the debuffs that manages to disable the Axie completely.

If you are going to venture into one of the most imposing video games that currently exists in relation to cryptocurrency earnings, you should consider having a previous knowledge to prepare each battle.

During 2021 the popularity of the video game and its status modifications have left an insurmountable mark of active users, however, this same popularity has led to some circumstances as a consequence of the large amount of active players in battles and adventures.

We can be sure that Axie Infinity today moves an astonishing volume of trade.. The prices of their respective two tokens have grown considerably. leaving a clear sign of popularity.

It's not too late to start playing, acquire your first 3 Axies by aligning your wallet and start generating income playing from home with your cell phone. There are many ways to make a profit in a single video game. Store your Axies and maintain its value if you wish.

Extra scores and bonuses are at the door. You can perform up to 60 fights per day, 5 battles per hour, and keep your win line active.

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