Axie Infinity mutations

Axie Infinity mutations

Mutations in Axie Infinity, are undoubtedly a point that has been added lately to the game and that makes Axies breeding a little more complicated, although this possibility opens a window to new combinations that perhaps not everyone can reach, to be expected even if you use the simulator.

All of us who choose to get an axie by means of the egg purchase we have something in common, and that is to get the cards you are looking for to make the best possible combo, these cards are part of the parts of your axie such as the tail, back, horns and mouth as we see below.

There are other people whose priority is not the combination of cards as such, but their ideal is more linked to the purity of the axie, that is, an axie with the most parts equal to its class, with this the damage is higher and it is a better candidate to obtain the axie. good offspring. Next, we see an almost pure competitive plant type axie, as it has a bug part.

Now, let's talk about the case in which your axie is not totally pure and has cards of different classes, with this you may get some disadvantages as you can also get a real beast in every way, as in the following example where a bird type axie is good to fight the tanks already to the ones of the beast typealthough it loses speed.

Then we can easily define that the mutations in an axie are when they have cards of different classes, this is important in a team because it brings balance and it is less predictable for the enemy.

It is a good idea to generate offspring with this type of axies.

The issue of obtaining offspring is quite complex because you can't be completely sure of what parts it will have, its status or class as such. Although thanks to the genes From the parents we can know which cards we are most likely to get, so it is good to know the characteristics of the parents and the purity they have.

The vast majority of players know that the more pure axie you get the higher the price of the axie, so it is normal that an axie with zero hatchlings and all parts of the same type of the class is extremely expensive, plus they are very rare to see with these characteristics in the Marketplace.

One way to optimize the creation of offspring is to set aside offspring with a high percentage of purity, preferably greater than 75% purityThis is recommended because these offspring are much more profitable when it comes to obtaining other offspring from them, so think carefully about the father and mother you will use to create offspring.

One of the advantages of obtaining a competitive character with axies that have mutated is to verify very well the genes of the parents, because even though the child may not come out as pure, it may be the case that it has a very good combo that allows me to eliminate the opposing team's bird in a single turn.

Finally, we would like to show you an example with this axie mechanical type, in particular which is not very pure, here you will find that this axie has TURNINP which combined with two NUT CRACKER is the perfect combo to vanish the enemy's bird-like axie, leaving him without any damage for the rest of the game.

Can scholarship be created with these axies?

This game is largely about forming a good strategy all the time, not only in positioning or in the characteristics of your characters, but also the cards that individual axies possess are the fundamental part to know if your team is good or not for PVP.

To put together a team to give it as a scholarship you can choose to conform it with axies of this type, but you must conform your team very well. strategy in such a way that your equipment can take damage, have damage and also generate energy so that you can accumulate cups as quickly as possible.

It is important to mention that if you are going to give this type of equipment to your scholarship holder, you must first instruct him or her and show him or her the different combos he or she can perform, in this way he or she will get the most out of your account, thus obtaining a greater number of SLP in a much shorter period of time.

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