What is Mystic AXIE?

What is Mystic AXIE

This game has many surprises in store for us, Axie Infinity is always surprising, and it is that just recently, a Axie Mystic was sold at +300 ETH! An impressive sum for a NFT. Many people questioned what these Axies are, what makes them so expensive and how to get one.

In this article we will clarify all these doubts, starting by knowing what is a Axie Mystic. As we all know, Axies are NFT and the value is given by the market, but it is astonishing to think that it was given more than 1 million dollars for an Axie.

What is a Mystic Axie?

Within Axie Infinity we can find many kinds of Axie, there are the beast, plant, aquatic and others. At the beginning of the game in 2018, the company decided to release the first Axies, which would be responsible for populating the game, these Axies were known as Axies Origin. The Axies Origin can be interpreted as Adam and Eve of this game, they were very many, but they are the only ones Axies without father.

But you may be wondering what all this talk about the Axies Origin and other, the Mystic Axies are children of the Axies Origin. You can only get one Axie Mystic if both of their parents were Origin. That's why they are so valuable and rare, as you practically have to buy two Origin Axies and run with the lucky to get a Mystic.

In terms of gameplay, having a Mystic Axie does not affect their characteristics or playing cards, the most important change is aesthetic. The Mystic Axies have a unique aspect that makes them stand out among the common Axies, thus identifying a Axie Mystic.

Within the appearance of a Mystic Axie we can find a great variety of body parts that we will not see in any other Axie. Special eyes, mouths, tails, etc.In the next section, we will provide this information in detail so that you will know the main parts of a Mystic Axie.

If we make a brief summary, we can realize that they are the rarest Axies of the entire ecosystem of Axie Infinity. For they are a direct result of the crossbreeding between 2 Axies Originwhich are already rare in themselves, and the possibility of obtaining a Mystic Axie is very low. It is thanks to this characteristic that they are so costosos.

How did the mystical parts come to originate?

At the beginning of Axie Infinity, Axie Infinity's first Axies for a market value of between 0.22 ETH to 0.42 ETH, a price in dollars quite low compared to now. These Axies were auctioned among the users of the video game and each person could get the first Axies of the game.

A referral program was also created where you could obtain Axie Origin Coins, which you could later exchange in the same game. These coins were given when the referral bought an Axie using your link. The exchange ratio of these coins was 5 to 1 for you to get an Axie Origin Coin. Axie Origin.

With the exchange of the AOCs, there was the 1 in 18 chance of getting some mystical part inside your Axie Raro. That's what triggered the craze back then, seeing body parts that were not seen on any other Axie and that it was so scarce. From then on they are kept as collector's items and are rarely used in adventure or arena mode.

How much does a Mystic Axie cost?

First of all, we must be clear that the economy of this game works like that of any other system or market in the world. The market is defined by the users themselves, prices are set on the basis of the law of supply and demand.and being a product with such a high small supplythe price should go up.

At present, the prices of a Mystic Axie are skyrocketing, with many of them exceeding the million dollars. Depending on the level of purity this Axie has, how good its cards are and what parts of the body have mysticalits value will go up or down. What we are sure of is that it will not be at all economical to get one of these.

The most expensive Axie ever sold was a Mystic Axie Quadruple, sold for 369 ETH, is the highest transaction in the game. This Axie had the peculiarity of having 4 mystical body parts, while most of them only have 1 mystical part.

At present, there are 1139 single mystic axies, 213 mystics with two parts, 19 mystics with 3 parts and 3 mystics with four parts. The more parts, the stranger and, therefore, the more expensive that Axie will be. As you can see, the number is small for the more than 2,000,000 Axies that currently exist.

Body parts of a Mystic Axie

As promised, we are going to provide you with a list of the parts of the body that can have a Axie Mystic.

  • Broken bookworm
  • Laggingggggggg
  • Calico zeal
  • Doubletalk
  • Candy Babylon
  • Namek Carrot
  • Crimson Gecko
  • Pink Turnip
  • Pinku Unko
  • Pointy Nyan
  • Crystal Hermit
  • Deadly Pogona
  • Escaped Gecko
  • Sakura Cottontail
  • Skull Cracker
  • Insomnia
  • Venom Bite

These are the most outstanding parts within the mystical ones, it is true that there are many others, in total they are 36 mystical parts.

What is the point of having a Mystic Axie?

This is a rather ambiguous area, since we cannot know exactly what you want to do with a Axie Mystic. It is true that in the battlefield you will not have any competitive advantage, since its cards and characteristics are like those of any other Axie. The only thing that will affect will be in the aesthetic, to demonstrate to our opponent that we are the possessors of a Mystic Axie.

On the financial front, if it turns out to be a good thing, you can have a Axie Mystic and wait for its value to rise. It is like any other NFT that is in short supply in the market.

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