Is it profitable to buy eggs in Axie Infinity?

Is it profitable to buy eggs in Axie Infinity?

The existing ways to acquire Axies in Axie Infinity are varied, one of which is the egg purchase so that they can later become adult Axies and fight in the arena. If you have doubts about this process and how profitable it is, or what other options exist that give a better return, read on.

In this article we will present you everything you need to know before deciding on whether or not to invest in Axies eggs in Axie Infinity. How much money you can recover, how safe it is to buy eggs, and much more below.

What are the eggs in Axie Infinity?

The Axie Infinity eggs are the offspring that come out to the Marketplaceof users who put two Axies adults to reproduce, the hatchling is an egg and can be offered for sale. After about 5 days, the egg becomes an adult and can be sold. you will be able to use it in your equipment for adventure mode or arena mode.

There is really nothing wrong with these eggsyou can see the characteristics of eggs and what their parents are. From here you get an idea of what you can get in the egg, depending on the dominant geneIn the case of the recessive gene, the influence of the recessive gene will be seen from time to time. But there is a slight detail, you won't know what cards Axie will have.

This detail is the one that harm all the purchase process and makes it a rather risky option, and much riskier considering that the price of the Axies adults is currently practically the same of the eggs. Then, you will be able to choose between an egg without knowing its cards, to an adult Axie with all its stats and abilities at sight.

In this field, it is a better option to buy an adult AxieLet's take a look at what can stand out when buying an egg. There are rare cases when a good Axie egg goes on sale, for example, in a few 90$ which is a very good price depending on the genes. IF it is a Axie type Mechanical or Aquatic can give us good profitThe investment in the company can be as much as double the amount invested.

This type of Axie eggs last very little time in the market because they are such a good offer, there are people dedicated to the purchase and sale of these eggs. In the meantime, the ones around 200$ remain on the market.

Is it profitable to buy Axie eggs?

In the eyes of the experts, no, it is not profitable to buy an Axie egg and go on the adventure of waiting for a good adult Axie. It's better for your pocket and your safety to purchase an Axie adultThe virgin, who has the cards and stats that you need to hope for the best.

It is true that in some cases Axies good of the eggsBut when it comes to investments, the last thing we want to depend on is luck. The more controlled our spending is, and the better we can have an estimate of how the Axie will perform, the better we can do financially.

In the market there are also Reptilian AxiesFor the same price as an egg, they already have marked cards and stats. People also usually opt for the purchase of these Axies reptilewhich are in the region of 100-200$ the most economical, and is even a better investment than an egg.

There is also the option, somewhat out of morale, which is buy 3 of these eggs and initiate a scolarship o scholarship. Where these 3 Axies will be given to a person and he/she will be asked to make an economic benefit. As we can see, it is something that can be frowned upon give a low quality material to a person and ask him to solve what a person with twice the budget will do.

But no, to conclude this article, we can tell you that as far as possible avoid buying Axie eggsunless you grab a super bargain. Otherwise, we can find prices easily comparable with adult Axies, you would have to wait for the price of eggs to go down to take it as a good investment.

Here's everything you need to know about invest or not in Axie eggsWe hope this has been helpful and good luck with your Axies team.

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