What is purity in AXIE Infinity?

What is purity in AXIE Infinity?

The entire environment of Axie Infinity The result is quite complete and with a very good level of detail. Axies is your purity level. This aspect will define what parts of the body will have the Axie, what cards and so on, if you want to know all the information stay with us.

We will introduce you to what is purityhow to know the purity level of an Axiehow it affects this and much more. Knowing all this information well can help you get the best Axies crosses and buy. Axies quality, read on.

What is purity in an Axie?

Purity level defines how pure an Axie is by taking into account its dominant genes, we know that there are 6 types of Axie within Axie Infinity. These 6 types are the common ones, let's not count the other 3 types yet, well, a pure Axie 100% must have all its dominant genes of the same type. That is to say, if the Axie is a beast, and has 6 genes of beast type, it is a Axie 100% pure.

In another case, when an Axie has 5 genes of the same type, it is considered to have an purity level of 5, that does match the type of Axie. These genes will define the physical appearance of the Axie, from its head, eyes, mouth, tail and so on, which will help us to identify what abilities they possess.

To achieve a purity grade 6 2 adult Axies should be reproduced with one high purity grade and share the same type of Axie.

With this combination, the chances that it will be pure 100% are quite high, there is always the possibility that it will take some recessive gene that is not pure and the breeding will take it as dominant. The issue of breeding Axies is unpredictable as to what genes they will have at the end of the process.

There is a very useful tool at axie.zone which works as a Breed "calculator or simulator", to give you an approximate idea of how the breeding should turn out between 2 Axies. The type of genes, letters, physical appearance and much more.

What does the purity level affect when breeding Axies?

The process of Axies breeding is a bit complex in terms of prediction, since we must be governed by probabilities and nothing concrete. But, with the degree of purity we can have a better idea of which Axie we can get, with which genes and letters. To have a good approximation both the sire and dam should have as many matching dominant, recessive and recessive 2 genes as possible.

For example, if we want our Axie to be a clone of the mother and fathermust meet certain requirements. First of all, they must have in all 3 lines (dominant, recessive, recessive 2) the same gene that determines the body part. This must be fulfilled in both parents, with this we can assure a 100% probability that the offspring will have those genes.

But, if we have a Axie with 2 or 3 genes from another Axie typeIf you do, you will have the probability that one of those genes will become dominant. The probability is small but it always exists, so you will have the probability, so you will not find it strange if it happens.

These Axies that are pure 100% and share in all 3 lines their genes are quite expensive, costing around 3 ETH (8000$ on average). This type of Axie is excellent for breedingYou will have a maximum certainty that you can get a clone, and a clone of such an Axie is certainly an heirloom.

Axie Infinity's secret classes What's purity got to do with it?

Inside Axie Infinity you can find 6 types of common classeswhich are the ones we all know (reptile, insect, plant, aquatic, bird and reptile). But there are 3 more classes of Axies that are quite difficult to obtain (and expensive too) which are the mechanical class, twilight and dawn.

To obtain these Axies in the Breed process of two adult Axies, we must take into account that they must be pure Axies 100%. Below, you will see a short list with the combinations you must make to obtain a rare or special kind of Axie.

  • The combination of a pure beast and a pure insect will have a 33% probability of creating a Axie mechanical.
  • The combination of a pure plant and a pure bird will have a 33% probability of creating a Axie Sunrise
  • The combination of a pure reptile and a pure aquatic will give us a 33% probability of obtaining a Axie Twilight.

These are the 3 combinations that will probably result in a special or rare type of Axie. This factor is greatly affected by the type of purity that an Axie hasThe probabilities are reduced or increased depending on the dominant, recessive and recessive 2 genes, although the probability and cost of these Axies is exaggerated.

The Axie's special classes not only stand out in their physical appearance, but also in their skills and qualities, as each type of Axie will improve the statistics of their parents. In the mechanic, the movement speed is increased, for example. Having an Axie of this style can give you a good competitive advantage in the arena.

Advantages and disadvantages in the battlefield

Each type of Axie has an advantage over one type of Axie and is not as strong against others, let's find out what they are:

  • TwilightOutperforms against an aquatic and a bird. It is inferior to insects and beasts.
  • MechanicOutperforms against reptiles and plants. It is at a disadvantage against birds and aquatics.
  • Sunrise: It has an advantage over beasts and insects. It does not stand out so much against plants and reptiles.

Know each type of Axie well, both to use it to your advantage and to know how to counter an enemy that has one of these Axies.

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