How to redeem SLP on Axie Infinity

Axie infinity has become the best option for many to increase their income while playing, one of the currencies used on the platform is SLP, and obtaining/ redeeming them does not require hard work, if you want to know how to get them. how to redeem SLP in axie infinity, you are in the right place, pay close attention.

Change your SLP, fast and easy

How to redeem SLP on Axie Infinity

If you want to know how to sell SLP, you must:

  1. Go to the bridge, where you will have 3 options:

Warehouse: Used to send from metamask to ronin. Avoid doing this process as a direct transfer from metamask, because it is very likely that you will lose the money, and this is because ronin is not in the ERC 20 network, as ronin is only a parallel network and only works for axie infinity.

Withdrawal: Only option available to get your SLP

Upgrade Old: Here you can transfer your SLP to the new token

  1. Click on Withdrawal and it will take you to a new tab where you will need to:

-Place your ronin account

-Choose crypto, in this case SLP

-Select the amount you want to change.

  1. Press the "next" button
  2. An option to confirm will appear. If this is the first time you perform this process, a window will appear where you will be able to know the approximate costs of this action.
  3. Press next again
  4. Confirm transaction in ronin
  5. Once the initial confirmation is ready, a second confirmation will arrive, this time from metamask.
  6. With the above you will have a new pop-up window, where you will have to confirm the transaction again.
  7. Once you have completed step 8, you will be able to see the money available in metamask.

From metamask you will be able to exchange for other cryptos, it is not necessary to go to binance to perform this procedure.

The above can only be done from the bridge. The transfers between users within the game are carried out through ronin, and this is very easy:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click on send
  3. Copy the user's address
  4. Submit and confirm the transaction. 

This is at no additional cost!

For beginners in Axie Inifinity

If you have obtained a large amount of SLP, and you are taking your first steps in the game, it is best not to take them out, in fact, the ideal is to redeem them or store them in the ronin, as it is very likely that their value will increase, and this due to the wave of users who have decided to play axie.

In fact, platform operators have reported that the latest server anomalies have been the result of new users, which is why changes have been made to the server in order to obtain stability in accordance with the number of people connected.

Due to the above, daily missions have been deactivatedIt can be said that since the time of deactivation the SLP value has increased by 10%, and the longer these missions are closed, the faster the SLP will increase, and it is expected that the same will occur with AXS. 

Good news regarding axie infinity, its creators are working hard to offer a complete service and prevent users from abandoning the game!

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