What is a Ronin wallet?

What is a Ronin wallet?

One of the most popular games of the moment has evolved and created its own side wallet to Ethereum, this has been a big decision and a considerable game changer. If you don't yet know what Ethereum is all about Ronin walletWe will explain it to you in this article.

In this article we will detail what it is, how it works, what benefits it brings and how to create a completely free account. Get ready to know the information in detail, at the end of the article you will know everything about the new project of Ronin Wallet.

What is the Ronin Wallet?

The new portfolio from the creators of Axie Infinity is a side project similar to Ethereum's network to host all of the tokens of Axie Infinity. This wallet is specially designed for gaming, blockchain and so on is much more efficient than the old Ethereum network.

Another major change proposed by the new Ronin Wallet, is the reduction of the excessive fees and commissions that had to be paid for using the Ethereum network. In this sense if we see a leap to the independence of the video game, as it does not depend on the network or platform of a third party. A million thanks are sent to Sky Mavis for thinking about the users and the gaming experience.

Within the Ronin Wallet we can store our Axies, AXS, SLP and other tokens that we collect throughout the game. A good news is that you can migrate the tokens that you had in the Ethereum network to our Ronin Wallet without any problems, only for a small fee.

The tokens have also undergone changes to adapt to the new Ronin WalletThe ones you need to migrate are the old SLP and old AXS to your Ronin wallet and replace them with new ones.

How to create a Ronin portfolio?

This is an indispensable requirement if we want to play Axie Infinity, it will serve us to save all our tokens and make all the necessary transactions in the game. We are going to explain the steps you must follow to create your account in the Ronin wallet.

  • The first thing to do is to log in to your favorite browser and look for the extensions store.
  • Inside the extensions store we look for "Ronin Wallet"and click on the blue install button.
  • The download will start, let's wait and the installation process will also be done automatically.
  • Once the extension has been installed, click on the new Ronin Wallet icon above.
  • Click on the icon of the person that appears inside the extension.
  • Click on "Create Account" or "New Account" and enter the name of the new wallet.

Within the Ronin Wallet We can create multiple accounts depending on whether we want to use it for scholarship or grant giving. This is a nice benefit of the Ronin Wallet.

Once the account is created, we can transfer our funds from MetaMask to the new MetaMask wallet. Ronin. This process is also quite simple, you only need to copy our email address from the Ronin Wallet to transfer funds from MetaMask.

Benefits of the Ronin Wallet

This new wallet was certainly a before and after for the game and players in general, first of all, all transactions will be faster. Tokens will go through a specialized blockchain to transfer such tokens. This process turns out to be much faster than before, when the Ethereum network was lent for these transactions.

Commissions are an issue that every long-time player remembers from the past. Axie InfinityThe prices were too high for any kind of transaction. If you wanted to deposit in your Axie Infinity account you had to leave a lot of money on the way, because while you were buying ETH in Binance, you were moving it to MetaMask and then to the Axie Infinity walletIn the Ethereum network, a lot of fees were going into the Ethereum network.

Now this problem is solved, every in-game transaction is free of charge for the first 100 trades. Considering that before on the Ethereum network we could lose between 100$ in a day with average trades, this change is masterful. It also depended a lot on the state of the Ethereum network and how saturated I was at the time, but no longer, the network Ronin is used only for the game.

What we can do with the Ronin Wallet

With the implementation of the new Ronin wallet has incorporated many functions and benefits such as the ones we have been detailing previously. But what can you do in the new Ronin wallet? Let's get to know him.

We can create up to 20 accountsThis is a plus point for all the people who want to create their own scholarships and scholarships without the need to create multiple emails and so on. To create this account you only need to choose the name you want for the account and that's it. If your case is a scholarship you can use "Scholarship 1" "Scholarship 2" and so on.

You can receive Ethereum from your MetaMask account and withdraw all the tokens you have stored in the account in the same way. As we have been pointing out, the commissions are what stands out here.

New functions will soon be implemented in which we will be able to directly buy SLP, AXS and ETH in the same Ronin wallet. This feature is still under development and is something that is desired by the vast majority of players of Axie InfinityThis would mean a better return on investment. Being a direct process, it would save a lot of commissions when buying and selling our tokens.

We will also have the opportunity to Swap our tokens, this functionality is also highly expected. In summary, the Ronin wallet has been the great savior of the economy of many players and a leap that allows Axie Infinity to develop in the best way. It is no longer dependent on a third party and that pleases the community a lot.

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