Axie Infinity Scholarships - Play without Investing

Axie Infinity Scholarships - Play without Investing

We know that the NFT game of the moment requires too high an initial investment for the average person's pocket, the figure is around 1,200$ to start with. This has been one of the biggest impediments which presents the population to play Axie Infinity and live the NFT gaming experience.

But a very good work methodology is currently being implemented that benefits these people and the person with capital. We talk about scholarshipsaccounts that are handed over to a person with the skills and knowledge to work it. Let's find out the details and how you can get one.

What are scholarships at Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity Scholarships - Play without Investing

The scholarship system is really simple to understand; we must understand that not many people have the capital to invest, but they do have the knowledge. This is where investors come in, which are people with good capital to invest and buy good Axies equipment capable of generating good daily profits and allowing a profit for both parties.

An Axie that performs in adventure mode and arena mode is currently around 600$, and knowing that we need 3 on average. 1800$. An exorbitant sum for most people.

Investors buy this equipment and send it to an account designated for the scholar, where he/she will play and earn SLP within the game to make a profit. The intern will play from his phone dedicating about 3 to 4 hours a day to achieve the average goal of +200 SLP. In the meantime, monthly or bi-weekly, the grantee is paid his or her share of the profits.

Depending on the quality of the work presented by the scholarship recipient, the scholarship will be increased by the amount of the scholarship. percentage of profits. In the first stage of the scholarship, 40/60 earnings may be awarded, with the lower portion being the scholar's own. Up to 60/40 in certain scholarships, everything will depend on performance and earnings generated by it.

Benefits of a scholarship at Axie Infinity and how to get one

This scholarship system can be viewed as any other scholarship system. investment approachwhere one person takes care of the capital while the other puts it to work. For the scholarship holder, it represents the opportunity to generate good income without investing a single dollar, being even cooler in a video game.

On the other side, we have the investor, who with his earnings or money saved, will buy his own network of equipment that will generate a good monthly income. Earning money on someone else's time, while he continues to earn on his main account. Both parties earn and have their own benefits taking into account the role they have.

Speaking of monetary benefitsvaries depending on the capacity and time invested by the player. In most cases, about 200 SLP are generated daily, which is equivalent to +1000 SLP per week. This number translates to about 300$ per week on averageexcluding weekends.

Multiplying this number by the four weeks of the month, we will have an average income of from 1200$ to 1500$ starting with the scholarship. So the intern can get to earn 600$ monthly without having invested anythingonly by giving your time and knowledge. Benefit in the same way for the investor, who can generate passive income by giving a percentage of his money.

You can obtain a scholarship at Axie Infinity by following our Twitter account and applying for a scholarship..