How do I GET STARTED in Axie Infinity? How many DOLLARS DO I NEED? 

The new video game Axie Infinity is on everyone's lips, maybe because its concept is quite fun, similar to that of Pokémon, its player base or because... We can generate income within the game, we think the latter is the most outstanding. That's why many people have decided to get into the adventure and try their luck with Axie Infinity as a source of income secondary.

If you also want to start this adventure, but you don't know what to do or what steps to follow, stay with us. In this article we are going to introduce you to a detailed guide about Axie Infinity y how many dollars you need to get started.

How do I GET STARTED in Axie Infinity? How many DOLLARS DO I NEED? 

Getting started with Axie Infinity - How to get started

To start with the exciting adventure game in Axie Infinity we will need 2 extensions in our browser that are mandatory. These are the MetaMask and Ronin Wallet, later we will explain how to download and install them quickly and easily. With these two wallets we are going to make the deposit process to be able to purchase Axies and start generating income.

Download and install MetaMask and Ronin Wallet

These two extensions are essential Before starting the game, we will have to download it from the browser extensions store. Let's take a look at the steps to follow:

  • Enter the extensions store of our browser, in the case of Chrome it is

  • Once inside the extensions store search for "MetaMask", click on the first result.
  • The information of the extension will appear next to a button to install it, wait for it to download and click install. The process is practically automatic.

Perfect, now to install the Ronin Wallet extension we must do the following:

  • Enter the extensions store and search for "Ronin Wallet"Click on the first result.

  • We click on the install button and proceed to create an account, an important point is to save the seed words that are given to us when creating the account. These will help us to recover the account if we lose it, you can save it in the cloud, on paper or take a picture.

Ready, with these two extensions active in our browser we can continue.

Download and install AXIE Infinity

Now, to download the game in question, follow the steps we will give you.

  • We must go to the website of AXIE Infinitywhich can be found by searching for "AXIE Infinity"in the browser. Click on the first result and wait for it to load.
  • Once inside the page, click on the top of the page on "Play Now"and it will ask us to download the launcher MAVISWe wait for it to download.
  • When it is downloaded, click on the installer and install it like any other program. Run the program
  • We will create an account that is linked to our preferred email address, confirm our identity and so on.
  • Once we have created our account, we must log in, enter our email address and password and click on the button ".Enter"
  • Now AXIE Infinity will open and we could, in theory, start playing.

Well, so far we have been through the creation of wallets and the installation of the game. But what is needed to start playing AXIE Infinity? Let's find out right now.

What is needed to start playing?

Now that we have our accounts created, we have to access the Marketplace of AXIE and buy 3 AXIESwhich are necessary to start playing. To purchase our first AXIES we will need to have a credit balance in our Ronin walletFor this we need to exchange our currencies for Ethereum.

To exchange foreign currency for Ethereum we can contact Binanceenter the trading section and exchange our currencies for USDT or per ETH directly. To later withdraw it to our wallet MetaMask. This process is quite simple and does not require a very complex explanation.

When withdrawing our money from Binance for transfer it to the MetaMask walletIf we select the network, we must select the Ethereum otherwise it will be difficult for the money to arrive. You should also take into account the correct selection of the cryptocurrency to be withdrawn. In our wallet of MetaMaskconfigure the network in the same way and choose Ethereum to obtain a deposit address.

Deposit ETH to our Ronin wallet

With this step, we will transfer the money that is in our wallet from MetaMask to our Ronin wallet. Already with the ETH in our account of AXIE Infinity we can start buying AXIES and start the adventure. Let's see the step by step on how to deposit in the Ronin wallet:

  • We log in to our AXIE Infinityin the balance sheet and click on "-".Deposit"

  • Click on the option "Deposit"The new window will open a tab where we must link our account of MetaMask with the Ronin wallet.

  • Once the accounts have been connected, a form will be displayed for us to fill in with the transaction data. The first thing we will see is our account Ethereum linked to the Ronin wallet.

  • In the second field of the form, we must place the address of the Ronin wallet, for this we go to the top of the browser, on the Ronin icon. Click on it and we will get the option of "Copy Address"Click on it and that's it, it will be copied.

  • Now we copy the address in the requested field and continue with the process. The next step would be to select the cryptocurrency that we are going to send to that wallet, in this case it is ETH.

  • We specify the amount that we are going to transfer from our MetaMask to the Ronin wallet and click continue.

  • The following section will show us a summary of the transaction in question, we must see if all the information is correct, if so we click on Confirm.

Now that this process is ready, you only have to wait a few minutes for the Ethereum in the wallet Ronin.

How many dollars are needed to get started in AXIE Infinity?

Approximately you will need about 900$ all this in order to cover the commissions that the platform will charge us for the Binance, MetaMask and so on. With this money we can buy our first 3 AXIES once the money is reflected in our account of AXIE Infinity with what was done in the previous section.

Of course, we can have many more Axiesbut for the moment you can start with 3, we buy them in the store of AXIE Infinity. In the store you will see specified all the Axies available for purchase, select the one of your preference, check its skills and other statistics to confirm that it is a good option.

Click at the top right on the option ".Buy now"and that's it, you would already have your first Axie, buy the other 2 and you could start this magnificent adventure.

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