Tips for buying eggs at Axie Infinity

Tips for buying eggs at Axie Infinity

Axie infinity grew up with the goal of introducing the blockchain technology in players around the world. The truth is that, it is the first time that the blockchain network is not used as an object of buying and selling, since it also, entertains and encourages people to be part of this large universe of axies.

 If you want to succeed in the game, you must perform certain moves, and one of them is to buy eggs. Do you want to know how to do it? Stay to the end!

Acquire eggs in Axie infinity

Before we tell you how to acquire eggs in axieYou should know that although they are not necessary, you can still use them to start the game. These eggs will become your best option if you want to make your 150 SLP at least (per day), whether in adventure mode or not.

Start by buying the cheapest eggs, at least 3 will be enough to start, you have to choose between plant type, beast type, fish, bug type and bird type eggs. To buy eggs in Axie you must:

  1. Log in to your axie account
  2. Go to the egg portfolio
  3. Select one of those available.

If the image shows a colored egg, and you don't know which creature you will get, take a look at this breeding chart:

  1. Then, you must click on buy and that's it.

With the egg chart mentioned above, you can know which hatchlings will be pure and get better results.

However, you can also choose the creature at once and thus avoid buying the egg, but with this option there is the possibility of finding axies with many genes, which in the long run will make the mating process more difficult.

Likewise, it is more affordable to buy an egg than the creature. In fact, you can enter and buy the prices of a beast egg, with the value of a beast axie, and you will notice that the difference is little more than 100 USD. The same will happen with birds and plants.

Eggs or creatures?

If you want to increase your SLP portfolio, the ideal is to buy eggs and raise them, since in less than 10 days there will be someone who wants to buy a pure bird creature. Another example that will surely be attractive to you (and to your pocket too) is that a bird egg has a price of 180 USD, while a pure bird creature has a value of 250 USD. Is the difference noticeable?

It is worth mentioning that it does not matter if the parents have good genes or not, as you only have to look at the appearance of the egg.

It is only feasible to buy eggs to take the first steps in the game, but this option is not valid if you want to have a good team.

Generally, players acquire eggs, raise them and once they grow, sell them, in fact, this is one of the most used methods nowadays, and there is a possibility that, with this mechanism, the value of axies may decrease in the future.

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