Tips to avoid being banned in Axie Infinity

Tips to avoid being banned in Axie Infinity

For new Axie Infinity users who are not very familiar with all the game mechanics and the conditions set by Sky Mavies not to be bannedwe bring you this article. Here we will explain the main reasons for banning and which tips you can apply to avoid being banned in Axie Infinity.

If you wish to know which actions are allowed and which are notPlease continue reading in detail, as some of the terms and conditions given by Axie Infinity may cause some confusion. Let's take a look at the information.

Main reasons for banning in Axie Infinity

Here is a small list of all the reasons for banning Axie Infinity and in which cases it can be seen as something lawful and unlawful. Let's start with the most frequent, the issue of multi-accounts.


Within the Axie Infinity community there is a lot of confusion regarding this issue, as there is a lot of misunderstanding about IP, accounts on the same device, etc. Let's see in which cases it is legal to use Axie Infinity on multiple devices and networks and which is the case that generates bans.

  • Play with two accounts on two different devicesIf you have an account on your computer, and during the day you want to play also on your mobile device, you can do so. There is no problem in this case, as it can be interpreted as two people in the same house playing at the same time. But be careful, you can only use one account in this circumstance.
  • Lend your account to another personIf you lend your account to a person on the other side of the world, there are no problems either. You can lend your account to your neighbor or your friend who lives in China, there will be no problems related to banning. Being the same account and not being able to take advantage of this, it is allowed.
  • Two people with different accounts and devices in the same houseThis is the most common situation that generates confusion. You can rest assured that two people can play each on their own device on the same Si-Fi network.
  • The same person using two devices with different accounts: Now yes, the case in which your Axie Infinity account may be banned.. This happens when a player, for example, enjoys a scholarship and decides to buy another Axies team using another device. This behavior is easily analyzed by studying the behavior patterns of the two accounts.

It is common that when you finish using one, you use the other, regardless of the order. Doing this action may lead to a permanent ban of the 2 accounts. and possibly the person who awarded the grant to that user.

A very common case is that, after the scholarship is awarded, the scholarship recipient has enough money to buy his or her own equipment and decides to buy his or her own equipment in order to become independent. All is well, as long as you return the scholarship account to the manager and do not hand it over without the manager's consent to a third party to work on your behalf, as this can create a big problem for both parties.

Use of bots or automated clicks

Another point that Sky Mavies detests is the use of automated programs or autoclickers who constantly repeat the same movements. In this case, all users who choose to use such a system are severely penalized. Do not try to circumvent the entire detection system that Axie Infinity has for these cases, neither in your account nor in the account of a third party.

This point is one of the easiest to detectAs these are automated systems with constant patterns, they are easily detected.

Use of emulators

In this section, special care must be taken, because from an emulator you can modify a "mobile device". to make the game believe that you are in another time zone, that your IP is different and alter many other parameters that modify your identity. Although at this moment they are not totally forbidden, they have a special focus from the Axie Infinity team.

You can use emulators such as BlueStacks, but do not attempt to alter any of the device's parameters. They will soon be banned in their entirety. and this has been noted by the Sky Mavies team itself. It could be a huge facility for some people who prefer to play on computer rather than on their mobile, or in the case of streamers, to more conveniently record the screen and so on.

Axie's application is a good option if you want to play from a computer.We know it is not the best optimized or developed, but, you save yourself a possible ban.

SLP Farms

This is the case for a large part of all investments that involve mining or obtaining cryptocurrencies on a massive scale. It is usually the case, for example, of large bitcoin farms that gather hundreds of computers running simultaneously to generate a good amount of revenue.

In the case of Axie Infinity, a large number of devices are brought together in a single building, which simultaneously farmean SLP repeatedly and in repetitive patterns. This is reason for banning, as it directly harms the economics of the game by overproducing SLP. This produces a devaluation of the currency as there is a lot of supply and little demand, so it is easy to reason for banning.

Transfer Axies from one account to another repeatedly

We know that Axie Infinity's energy system limits the daily earnings in SLP that a person can have. This is what people want to take advantage of, and the 0 cost of transferring Axies from account to account. The modus operandi in this case is use Axies to farm on one account and immediately move it to another account to farm on that other account. The process is repeated on multiple accounts and a much higher profit is made than that generated on a single account.

This behavior is easily detectable by Axie Infinity's banning system and you will almost certainly be banned on both accounts if you do this. If you want to send Axies of your own, to another account to work the other account, they must remain a good amount of time on the new account.

For the time being there is no way to circumvent the energy system and we doubt very much that there is a method to do so. The developers are doing their utmost to maintain a legal and cheat-free environment in the game.

Final recommendations to avoid being banned

Depending on the case, you can apply one or the other advice, we will give them to you and specify for which one can be useful. Apply it to avoid having your account bannedThese cases are to prevent a lawful account and activity from being limited.

If 2 people play in the same house on different accounts, as far as possible, play any of them with mobile data. The IP will be different and will not be related to each other, this is something preventive, as we know that using the same WiFi does not present problems.

If you are going to share your wifi network for several people to play, make sure they are all operating in a legal manner and no one puts everyone else in the network at a disadvantage. The banning system can punish everyone equally thanks to the irresponsibility of an individual.

If you are a manager or a scholarshipMake sure you know to whom you are handing over the account.. If this person is banned, you could lose your money and be directly harmed. Hire responsible people.

Do not use any auto click program to pass the adventure mode levels quickly and effortlessly. Neither for your personal account nor for a scholarship account.

Do not log in to your account on any device other than your own.. The other person may also have their own Axie Infinity account and get both of you in trouble by playing on the same device.

If you are going to be away from home, use mobile data to play Axie InfinityDo not connect to any public or other household network. If any of the members of that network are operating illicitly, our device may suffer the consequences of IP sharing.

In conclusion, if you have any doubt that you are doing something illegal, you can consult with Sky Mavies support for clarification.

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