Tools for Axie Infinity

Tools for Axie Infinity

In order to make the most of our time in Axie Infinity we will need a series of extensions that will make our experience more effective. Most of all, they work for save us time within the Marketplace, because it can be a bit tedious to enter each Axie let's take a look at its statistics and genes.

With the tools we will introduce you to below, you will be able to take a look at closer look at Axie without the need to access the unique description. You will be able to see how much time you save with these tools, if you want to know which ones they are, stay with us and enjoy the 3 best tools for Axie Infinity.

Best tools for Axie Infinity

As we have been explaining, the tools will be of great help to us within the Marketplace of Axie Infinity. Let us introduce you 3 tools that you can obtain free of charge and that will make your search for the best Axies of the market.

It is advisable to handle investments in the following areas Axiethat is to say, to purchase and manage our Axiesis to do it from a computer. From the browser of Google Chrome we have the facility to manage tasks much faster and see more information than if we do it from our cell phone.

To play, yes, it is fine to play from our Smartphone, but it is not possible to install the tools that we will see below. Let's start with the most basic of them all, the Google Translate.

Google Translate

It is natively built into the Google Chrome and will allow us to translate the entire page from the Marketplace of Axie Infinity and read on spanish descriptions. It is a great help for those people who do not speak English and find it difficult to understand what characteristics, what effect the cards have and other attributes of an Axie.

Likewise for a person with an average level of English, who might miss a couple of words and confuse the story. Translating everything into Spanish will be a great help.We can read much faster and we will understand as is, without interpretations or mistakes that our brain can play on us.

The other two tools are an extension that we must install but do not take any time, and a web page related to the game, let's get to know them.


AxieZone is a Page created by Axie Infinity fans and which basically recreates the original Marketplace of Axie Infinity, but with the difference that will set the goal What good does it do to know the goal? Easy, the higher the goalthe more we will know how well it performs. Axie within the battlefield.

The meta is like a compilation of the best combinations within the game, the most used and the ones that give the best results. It is good to have a high meta, which is a concept that applies to many games such as the MOBA and of strategy in general.

Within this page we can filter the Axies in the same way as we would do in the original page, but being able to know in advance whether it is a Axie meta or not. Here it is not necessary to enter the Axie's chart to see its basic attributes, the page will take care of adding up both the total damage as shield that can be earned with the skills and capture it in a preview.

Oh, and another super important feature, if you've found the perfect Axie, you can click on it and you will be directed to the Marketplace original so you can buy it. It is linked to the original page and will make the experience much more convenient. The link to to access this page is and look for the section "Finder".

Freak's Axie Extension

This extension comes to complement each other experience within the company. Marketplace native, and you may wonder why. Well, let's get to know it in detail and what functions it offers to the player.

First of all, in the original Marketplace, we can see on top of the Axie, the basic attributes, such as life, speed, degree of purity and others.. Without the extension we would have to enter the Axie chart and see it in detail, with this tool, we can see a lot of information without leaving the Marketplace.

Another thing it can show us without the need to access directly to the chart in the Axie2. This data is difficult to find within the page and is not available for all the genes, from dominant to recessive. the extension will make us see it instantly.

It is aimed at improving the rapidez with which you can search for a Axie idealBy just passing the mouse cursor over it, you will be able to see a lot of information. Now imagine seeing the information of some 30 Axies in a matter of minutes, much less than if we did it one by one.

To download the extension and install it in your Google Chrome you can easily access from here on the install button and that's it. You can now enjoy it.

Necessary tools


The tools we are all familiar with, such as the MetaMask and the Ronin wallet already active as an extension in our browser, are fundamental if we want to start in Axie Infinity. But that is another matter, as they are practically a requirement, while those presented in this article complement the experience.

If you wish to save time we recommend you almost obligatory to have these 3 tools, do not deny the help of a software to your investment process. Spending time getting to know Axies and comparing them is part of the process, so don't take too much longer... Try them out today. free.

An important detail that should be clarified is that we should not take as a source of strong recommendation for the purchase of any of the following products Axie. These tools are only responsible for provide us with information about AxieNone of these should influence our financial decisions.

With little more to add in this article, we wish you the best of luck in your search for the best Axies on the marketWith these tools it will undoubtedly be much easier.

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