How to transfer from MetaMask to Binance?

How to transfer from MetaMask to Binance?

MetaMask is a decentralized application that has revolutionized the field of DAppsby squeezing the maximum potential of the functions of the Ethereum. This application was the first successful project that succeeded in massifying the use of the DApps and increase the functions that can be performed within them. In addition to functioning as a wallet.

In this article we are going to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to send your cryptocurrencies from MetaMask to Binance. The process is quite simple and it won't take you long to do it, follow the guide below and you will have no problems.

Transfer from MetaMask to Binance

As we mentioned in the introduction, it is a simple process, we must have the application in place. MetaMask installed in our browser and we can proceed without problems.

A recommendations Before starting the process, you should have the address of the Binance wallet at hand, so that, at the moment of shipping, it will be quick and easy to do it. An important detail is to request our portfolio management in relation to the cryptocurrency we want to transfer (Ethereum in this case), if you add the address of another crypto you risk losing your money.

Knowing all this, we can start with the process:

  • Deposit in our account of Binance
  • In the upper bar, look for the option "Wallet"and select the subcategory "Spot Wallet"

  • Select the option "Deposit"and search for the currency you are going to send from MetaMask

  • When selecting the currency, we will be directed to a section where we will be able to see a QR code as address, the total balance in that cryptocurrency and other information. The important thing here is to select the deposit in network the right one, which will be the BEP20Select and the wallet address will be shown. Copy and continue

  • Now, we log in to our MetaMask
  • In our balance sheet, we look for the currency we are going to transfer to Binance

  • Select the option of send and copy the wallet address that we obtained previously

  • Enter the amount in cryptocurrency we want to transfer

  • We confirm the amount and that the address is correct, to continue we click on the button "Next"and we can proceed

  • MetaMask it will show us a small summary of the transaction we will make, it will show us the amount to send, the commission, the address to send, etc. We analyze the details, if they are correct we click on the button "Confirm"

After confirming the operation, it will be displayed as a pending payment within our balance in the application. This wait is not usually very long, usually with about seconds We will have enough waiting time.

When sent from our wallet MetaMaskwe enter our Binance Spot wallet y we wait a couple of minutes to be reflected in our balance. At the top of the Binance page, we can click on a notification bell and it will show us if the deposit was successful.

Important notes and details

In our account of MetaMask we must have the Binance network configured at SmartChain so that the remittance of money to Binance is carried out without any problems. Remember to always request in Binance the delivery network at BEP20. This detail can save you from wasting money on an address that does not exist or is not compatible with MetaMask.

If we wish to send a cryptocurrency from our Binance wallet to our wallet MetaMaskWe would do the process, but in reverse. We look for the currency that we will receive in MetaMask and generate a send address on the appropriate network and everything else.

That's all for today's article, we hope the information has been of great help to you and you achieve send cryptos from Binance to your MetaMask without any problems.

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