How to transfer from MetaMask to Ronin?

How to transfer from MetaMask to Ronin?

Transfer money to our account Ronin will allow us to buy Axies within AXIE Infinityif we want to transfer money from our MetaMask accountno problem. In this article we are going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to do it and enjoy your credit balance in your Ronin wallet.

The information presented below will allow you to know the method step by stepThe following is an effective and explained way so that any person can do it. Let's start

Transfer Ethereum from MetaMask to Ronin

Before starting with the process, we must take into account an important point. First of all, we must have our two linked walletsthat of MetaMask with that of RoninWith this step completed, all that remains is to follow the guide that we will present below.

We must have a sufficient balance in Ethereum of our wallet MetaMaskThe commissions we have to pay may decrease the amount of money received in Ronin.

  1. We go to our Ronin wallet, just below our balance we will see the option ".Deposit to Ronin"Click on this button.
  2. You will get a pop-up window with the message "Unlock your MetaMask"which basically confirms that the DApp must be connected to the wallet in order for you to be able to trade normally.
  3. In the upper right part of our browser, we must click on the logo of MetaMask y connect the wallet MetaMask with Ronin's. Once they have successfully connected we can proceed.
  4. Once we have completed the above steps, we go back to the Ronin page and click on "Ronin".Deposit to Ronin". When you are redirected to the other window no message will be displayed, this is a sign that you did the last steps well.
  5. Select the option "Deposit"and we will be presented with a form.
  6. In the first option of the form must be "Send Ethereum to Ronin walletNow, we must click on the Ronin logo in the top right corner of our browser and look for the option "Ronin".Copy Address"to copy our wallet address.
  7. When copying our wallet address, we proceed to copy it in the field that says "Ronin Address".
  8. In the next field, we must select the type of cryptocurrency that we are going to send to our wallet.
  9. We select the cryptocurrency in question, we have to choose between Ethereum, AXS and SLP in their recent and old versions. In this example, we will be transferring Ethereumselect this option
  10. The next field will be the amount we will sendspecify the quantity and proceed as follows
  11. We confirm the data we entered in the form, if everything is correct click on Next and then click on Confirm.
  12. When you confirm the operation, you will be presented with an menu at the top right where we must confirm the transaction from our wallet MetaMask. In this mini form we will see the commission we will be charged and how much will be the total amount sent.
  13. We confirm from the pop-up menu and it will tell us on the Ronin page that the deposit has been successfully completed.

After this process, all that remains is to wait for about 10 to 20 minutes for the transaction to be confirmed in MetaMask and our money is discounted. After we are discounted in MetaMaskThe payment is effective within a few minutes in the wallet Ronin.

As the minutes go by, we will see the amount of ETH transferred to the wallet RoninIt is just a matter of waiting and not getting desperate. And ready, with all the steps that we present below you will already have successfully transferred from your billetwas MetaMask a Ronin easy and fast.

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