Tutorial on Buffs and debuffs in Axie infinity

A few years ago a high rate of people began to earn money playing video games, at first it was done illegally, performing what is known as farmeo.

Farming is translated into Spanish as cultivate, but this term in the world of video games, refers to the action performed by a player, getting valuable items within the game and generally used to work the virtual economy, even, they are usually very repetitive actions.

At the beginning farmeo was illegal depending on the video game, but in the current market games such as Axie Infinity are entering the market, which allow their users to farm in a completely different way legal. Therefore, it is expected that in the future these platforms will have a greater reach in the market.

What is Axie Infinity?

Tutorial on Buffs and debuffs in Axie infinity

It is an application that allows players to raise digital animals called Axies, players can fight with these Axies in sands to go through different levels, exchange them for other Axies if desired or sell them To earn money, these Axies are paid in a digital currency called cryptocurrency.

Within this game there are Buffs and Debuffs, a buffs is an attribute that positively helps AxieThe advantages of these products include increased strength, improved living standards, and even greater speed, among others.

Debuffs are the opposite of buffs. worsen the qualities of the Axies, reducing their speed, damaging the Axies' health points, decreasing their attack strength, among others.

Buffs and Debuffs on cards.

Buffs: There are only three different types of buffs in the game, which are.

Speed Up: This Buff increases by 20 percent in the speed of an Axies during the rounds indicated on the card. This card is stackable, this means that, if in the game you get two Speed Up, you will no longer have a twenty, by the way, but a forty percent speed up. It should be noted that the rounds are not stackable, only the given speed bonus is stackable.


Moral Up: This card increases morale of the Axie by twenty percent during the rounds that the card indicates. This card is also stackable like the previous one, if you have an Axie that possesses three cards with increased morale or you use the same card three times in the round, you would raise the morale by a total of sixty percent. It should be noted that morale also greatly increases the probability of critical and entering the final state.

Attack Up: Increases the attack Axie's value is increased by twenty percent during the round indicated by the card and, like the previous cards, is stackable during the round, either because you have several cards or because the same card is used several times.

Any of these three buffs can be decisive in winning a game depending on how they are used.

Debuffs: below are the 13 existing debuffs.

Stun: Axie will miss its next attack or defenseThis means that, if you attack the opponent's Axie four times, you will only cause damage twice. This attack is mostly used by insects or reptiles, the Stun will not be removed until the attack attempt is made and failed.

Aroma: Axie will attract all attacks The cloud is prolonged for the entire round, and the enemy will have a dark cloud above him as a sign.

Chill: At the death of Axie will not be able to enter the final state during the rounds indicated on the card.

Fear: Al Axie is scaredcan not attack during the rounds designated by the card.

Fragile: The shield receives double damage during the time designated in the letter.

Jinx: The Axie cannot cause critical during the designated time, regardless of how much morale the Axies have in use.

Lethal: The next attack the Axie receives will be criticalThis remains until the Axie is attacked. This debuff will not be removed by skipping rounds.

Poison: The Axie loses life during every action of the other Axies, both in the actions of the friendly Axies and in the actions of the enemy Axies, this effect remains until the Axie retreats or dies.

Sleep: The Axie will not be able to defend of the next attack it receives, this remains until the Axie tries to attack.

Stench: The Axie is ignored if there are two or more targets during the designated time.

Speed Down: Decreases speed of the Axie by twenty percent during the rounds indicated on the card. Like the Buffs it is stackable.

Morale Down: Se lowers morale of Axie twenty percent during the rounds indicated on the card. The percentage is stackable, but not the rounds.

Attack Down: Decreases the attack of the Axie by twenty percent according to the rounds you indicate. This percentage is also stackable, but the rounds are not.

Currently this server is in the English language, as time goes by, these and many more details will be accommodated.

Depending on each player or each battle style, it is important to correctly use the different buffs and debuffs that are enabled within the game, as this will greatly depend on the percentage of victories that will be reflected in the user.

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