What if an Axie Infinity manager doesn't want to pay you?

In the event that you have obtained a Axie Infinity scholarship and you've worked hard enough so that it's time to get paid and... Surprise, the manager does not want to cancel you none of the work. This problem can happen to you, you are not exempt from the scams that are currently being presented in Axie Infinity.

If you wish to know what to do in these casesIf you are in a similar situation, read on, we will give you tips on how to prevent this situation and how to fix it. You can also use this information to tell any friend or acquaintance who is going through a similar situation.

What do I do if my manager does not want to pay me?

What if an Axie Infinity manager doesn't want to pay you?

Imagine that you got such a precious scholarship and managed to work during your first 14 days generating SLP as requested by the manager. You spent time farming and learning how to use your Axies to meet the requirements of the scholarship, in short, you dedicated a lot of yourself to not disappoint anyone and suddenly... The manager does not give you any more answers.

In the most common cases, full access to the account is lostThe passwords are changed and you never hear from your Axies scholarship again. It's a pretty heartbreaking situation and we must understand that it is a risk to work for people we do not know. In these cases and in any other online business you should consider the reputation and support of the other person to be sure of what we are doing.

We do not want you to go through this same situation and feel cheated in every way, because it is not only monetary. The feelings of happiness after getting the scholarship will be replaced with sadness and discouragement after being a victim of scam. Time will not have recovered either and who knows if that same individual will continue to scam other users.

So, if the case in which your manager does not want to pay you what you have generatedUnfortunately, it will be very difficult to get an answer, or in the best case, the money. Most scammers usually disappear after the first fortnight, when communicating with them via Telegram or WhatsApp it is easy to be blocked.

The best thing to do is to file a case with Axie Infinity support. to take action on the matter. When the complaint progresses and the manager is found guilty of swindling, the account is banned and access to the game by that user is prohibited.. You can communicate to present the case through the official discord channel of the video game.

What do they do to a scholarship manager if he or she cheats?

As we have previously mentioned, the harshest consequence that can be applied to a manager in the event of fraud is the permanent suspension of your account. When this measure is applied, the user loses full access to your account and Axies, SLP, AXS and other in-game tokens will be impossible to recover.

To file a complaint in case of fraud, you must save all data about the manager. They can be the IDs of the Axies that he gave you, thanks to the Blockchain that the game presents, we can see where it came from and find the manager. In addition to this, you can write down data such as the address of the Ronin Wallet.

You can also attach the contact details he/she has given you (Telegram or WhatsApp number) when you file the complaint. Try to get before or during the scholarship to obtain personal information to cover your back in case of fraud or scam. It may seem a bit paranoid, but we never really know when this unwanted situation might happen.

A general recommendation made in these cases is to communicate the situation as soon as possible to prevent other scholarship recipients involved with that manager from having the same problem. Try to save nearby users as if they were a close friend.

What is a scholarship at Axie Infinity?

The scholarship system within Axie Infinity is one of the most important investment form in which an account equipped with Axies equipment is delivered. so that the grantee can farm with it. This system is revolutionizing the Axie Infinity ecosystem, allowing the entry of many more users who do not have the purchasing power to buy their own Axies.

We have many variants when analyzing scholarships within Axie Infinity. The issue of dividing profits is one of them, they can reach figures such as 40/60, 50/50, 60/40. This depends on the manager and the performance that the user has acquired, remember that this is like any other investment and a good income generation is required to promote an employee.

In this system the grantee is not required to invest a single dollarIt is all up to the manager and the purchasing potential he/she has. In the vast majority of cases, a team of Axies valued at 1500$ to 2000$ is given to the player to get good results. Be very careful with scholarships that give you cheap Axies and demand more than what those Axies can generate.

Payments in the scholarship system are usually made every 15 days. or depending on the agreement with the manager. Usually it is within this time frame, which is the time Axie Infinity gives you to get to reclaim the existing SLP in your inventory. The token is sent to your designated wallet and the manager takes care of withdrawing the rest of the money to bring the account back to 0.

How do I get a manager in Axie Infinity?

Getting a manager can be a tough job.The market is very competitive for people who wish to apply for a scholarship. It can be complicated, as the selection process is usually quite thorough to choose the best candidates. You can get a manager inside the official discord dedicated to Axie Infinityin the scholarship section.

Another quite effective way to get scholarships in Axie Infinity is by joining the communities that talk about this game in the different social networks. You can join the WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook groups so you can keep an eye on all the news. In addition to this, it is usually the places where influencers and investors look for grantees.

One of the most popular ones is to be aware of the content creators on YouTubeThey usually talk about their scholarships and all the required information is quite synthesized. They usually have their own groups dedicated to the channel and scholarships.

Remember that in order to obtain a scholarship you do not only have to apply for it, you must have an endorsement of knowledge you have about the game and your capacity in the same. These will be the main parameters on which a manager will base before giving you any grant. Remember that money is used as a form of investment and it requires skilled people to generate the desired returns.

How much do you earn on an Axie Infinity scholarship?

This is the topic that many people want to know about, because the number varies a lot depending on the player and his capabilities. But if we have a good pace of play we can generate an average amount of SLP of 6000 for a whole month if we farm steadily.

With the upcoming update, this number may decrease, but the amount in U.S. dollars is expected to remain the same. On average, a scholarship recipient can reach earn up to 500$ per month if you are dedicated enough. Profits are split 50/50 by both parties.

All profits are generated in SLP, there is no other way to generate, neither with the breeding or sale of the Axies, as the grantee does not have access to these functions.

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