What is morale in AXIE Infinity?

What is morale in AXIE Infinity

In the world of Axie Infinity we have many characteristics that can give us an advantage or disadvantage on the battlefield. The blackberryl is one of those characteristics that our Axies have, this characteristic of our Axie is combined with others such as HP, Speed and Ability.

If you wish to know what is morality and how you can identify it in an Axie, stay with us, we will teach you everything in detail. You can also learn all about the types of Axie and what differentiates each one of them, for morale plays an important role.

What are the classes in Axie Infinity?

Before meeting what is moralityIf you are interested in the Axies, you should know that the Axies are divided into 9 classes in total, 6 regular classes and 3 special classes. We will focus on the normal ones, these classes are the plant, reptile, bird, fish, beast and bug. Each class has specific characteristics, some stand out in speed, others in attack and so on.

The classes that function as DPS are fish and birds, these Axies are characterized by a high speed and a good attack. The cards of both types of Axie have a high physical attack and in some cases a bit of shield. Another example of the classes are the plant type, which perform very well for tank type Axies, their cards can give a lot of shield and heal their allies. In addition to this, some cards like the vegetable bite can steal energy from the enemy.

With the topic of classes already understood, we can go a little deeper into the that characterizes each class. What is most obvious is their appearance, as each class has a characteristic color and certain body parts of their class. But, the most important detail is their attributes. We will give you a brief summary of the most important characteristics for each class.

  • Birds: They are faster and have higher morale.
  • Fish: Axies fast and with a little more HP.
  • Beast: High morale and a little speed
  • Plant: Lots of HP and a a little morale
  • Reptile: Lots of HP and a little speed
  • Bug: Lots of speed and a morale.

These are the main features for each Axie class, let's see how this affects the performance of the Axie.

How characteristics affect an Axie


As we have been mentioning, each Axie class is better in one role than in another, thanks to its characteristics, which stand out in something specific. To learn more about what our Axie can excel in, we can look at his stats, but what do these characteristics affect?

  • HP or healthThe higher the number of health points your Axie has, the more attacks it can withstand on the battlefield. It can take more damage before being eliminated.
  • Ability: The skill improves your Axie's ability to make combos, increasing his damage for each combo you make. This has a specific formula, you increase the damage of the cards by the skill level.
  • Speed: This factor determines whether your Axie plays first or not, the fastest Axie will have the first turn. In case two Axies on the field have the same speed, the tie will be broken depending on their HP.
  • MoralThe point you're probably seeing this article for. Well, this feature on an Axie increases the possibility of a critical hit. In addition to that, it adds ticks from the last position and grants more probabilities of entering last.

Knowing this, we can quickly recognize what makes an Axie stand out by looking at its qualities. The basics of an aquatic Axie is to have 39 HP, 39 speed, 35 Skill and 27 morale. Values vary depending on the body parts you have and your genes.

If your Axie has a good moraleThe probability of doing more damage to the opponent with critical damage is increased, which can make the difference in a close fight. The Axies with the highest morale are the bird and plant types.

Basic characteristics for each type of Axie

Now, we are going to provide you with a list of the characteristics of the 6 classes of normal Axie that exist. By giving you the information of their characteristics we can give you a small summary of what they excel in.

Aquatic type

In its base characteristics we find HP 39, Speed 39, Skill 35 and Moral 27. These values can be increased if the Axie has cards of the same class, for each aquatic card the Axie will gain 3 points of speed and 1 of HP.

This type of Axie is quite versatile, it has a good level of HP and speed, thanks to this it can be used as an off tank. Although, many players, thanks to its speed, cards and other characteristics, decide to use it as a DPS to knock down any team in a combo.

Beast type

Within the base characteristics of a beast type we find HP 31, Speed 35, Skill 31, and Moral 43. Morale is quite high highThe value can be increased if we play with beast type cards, each card will increase in value by 3 points morale and 1 speed.

This type of Axie can be used for two roles, one as Support and the other as a kind of DPS, but without so much damage. It's true that a beast type with good cards can connect critics to send you to sleep, thanks to its high morale in the characteristics.

Bird Type

The bird types have as base characteristics HP 27, Speed 43, Skill 35, and Moral 35. It is a good balance for an offensive type Axie, highlighting that for every bird type card you will see an increase of 3 points of speed and one of morale.

The bird-type Axie has a clear purpose in the game, to do as much damage as possible to its enemies, its qualities merit it. Its speed allows it to be one of the first to attack, combined with its damage cards, it can knock down a member of the opposing team in a matter of seconds.

Type Bicho

The base characteristics that we can find in this Axie class are HP 35, Speed 31, Ability 35, and Moral 39. For each bug type card your Axie has, you will have a bonus of 3 morale points and one from HP.

It is quite rare to find a Bug type in a good level team, because this Axie fulfills its role by throwing debuffs to its enemies. It's not so much an Axie to do damage or defend, it's more to strategically harm its opponent.

Type Plant

In its characteristics we can see a great improvement in HP, reaching 61, Speed 31, Skill 31 and Moral 41. HP points increase by 3 points for each plant type card we carry and by one morale point accordingly.

The plant type Axies are the most used as a tank, and it has all the support, its HP points are very high and the class has card types that help to defend. The plant type Axie can increase its shield, absorb damage and steal energy.

Reptile Type

The base characteristics that a reptile possesses are HP 39, Speed 35, Skill 31 and Moral 35. It is a fairly balanced Axie, it increases its HP by 3 points and speed by 1 for each reptile type card it has.

The role of a reptilian type is to be a versatile tank, a tank that can hurt the opponent and do some damage. It is a quite versatile Axie type and rarely seen on the battlefield.

These would be all the common classes together with their characteristics, as we can see, in the Axie bird type morale is a highlight.

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