When you change computers and reinstall your Ronin or Metamask, do all the subaccounts created appear?

When you change computers and reinstall your Ronin or Metamask, all the subaccounts created are displayed

One of the biggest doubts that users have about MetaMask when changing computers is whether they can recover all your subaccounts. In this article we will explain everything you need to know to access all your created subaccounts without any problems.

This process is really simple and does not entail much complication, but we will also explain other aspects such as how to use it.How to migrate your account, create more accounts, import them from one browser to another and much more.. Don't stay in doubt and continue reading.

How to log in to our Ronin account on another computer?

Ronin is the wallet launched by Sky Mavies as a complementary project to his masterpiece, Axie Infinity, this wallet is a cryptowallet like most of them. That is to say, its security depends on the keys, passwords and seed words provided by the extension itself, that is why we will need these points for enter from another browser.

Before formatting, deleting or changing computers, we must store this data in a safe place to which we can have access later. This place can be a piece of paper or a notebook, where we will write down the seed words which are the ones requested to access the account from a new device.

If you have already changed computers and did not save this information, it will be very difficult for you to recover your account. The security measures that Ronin imposes are for your own good and under your own responsibility, since they do not store any password. So it is better to be safe and take note of all this from the beginning, let's see how to enter Ronin from a new browser.

Accessing Ronin from another browser and recovering subaccounts

The first thing we must do, of course, is to download the wallet from Ronin in the browser of our preference. This must be done from the official website to avoid being a victim of fraud or downloading a virus, also do it from the browser extensions store. With the downloaded extension we proceed to perform the following steps:

  • Click on the icon of the extension that was created after its installation.
  • Click on the option to log in with an existing account.
  • At this point you will be asked for the security data mentioned above, this is where you should have the information at hand.
  • We enter the seed words and we could now have access to our created subaccounts.
  • To do this we will click on the "+" icon and we will be able to see all the Ronin accounts that have been created.

Do not worry about subaccounts, as they are not lost or deleted when you change computers. Carry out this process to the letter and you will be able to recover your accounts without problems.

Migrating our MetaMask account to another device or browser

MetaMask is considered to be the best Ethereum wallet because of the ease and security involved in using one of these. It is a browser extension available for major browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and more. If you have your MetaMask account on one computer and you want to migrate it to another one, follow all the instructions below.

In MetaMask you have the facility to be able to create multiple accounts in the same browser for the purposes you wish. Each account is created with a wallet address unrelated to the others, each of these accounts is unique. The only data required for the account will be the name we want to put, this way it is easy to identify them.

To import our account from one browser to another, follow these steps:

  • We enter the MetaMask extension with the account we want to import.
  • Click on the top right on the three dots, this will show us the account options.
  • Click on "Account details" and a QR code will appear with two options.
  • Click on "export private key" this will generate an alphanumeric code that we will use in the other browser. Copy it and enter it in the other browser.
  • Enter the other browser and click on the extension, MetaMask must be previously installed.
  • Now we select the logo at the top right which is our profile picture and it will show us multiple options.
  • Select "Import account" and a field will be displayed where we must paste the alphanumeric code that we generated previously. Paste it and click on import.

After doing this process, the wallet will be reflected in the extension along with the others with the message "...".Imported"marking that it comes from an external site. The ones you created natively from MetaMask will not display this message.

Synchronize accounts to our mobile device.

This process will be carried out in almost the same way as from our browser, by having the MetaMask account synchronized to our smartphone can make many tasks easier. That is why many people opt for synchronize your MetaMask account. Let's see the steps to follow to achieve this.

The first thing to do is download the application from our mobile device from the PlayStore or App Store. We must verify that it is the official app by checking the number of downloads and the company name. With this certainty, we proceed to download and install the app, it does not take long.

  • When we enter the wallet, we will have two options, create a new wallet or synchronize an existing one. We select the latter.
  • Now we go to our browser, click on the MetaMask extension and click on our profile logo.
  • Click on "Settings" then "Advanced" and choose "Synchronize with mobile device".
  • We can perform the synchronization in two ways, by entering the seed words or by scanning a QR code on our device. The latter is easier and will be the one we will do.
  • On our cell phone, we select the "scan QR code" option.
  • Now in our browser we click on "Synchronize with the mobile device" and we will be asked for the password.
  • It will show us the QR code and we scan it with our mobile device.

After this we will have synchronized access from our smarthphone to the portfolio of MetaMask registered in our browser. In the mobile we can only see the accounts that were created natively from the browser and not those imported. If we want these to appear we must import them following the same process as on the computer.

If you want to synchronize the wallet from another browser, they will replace the ones you already have, they will not be deleted, they will only stop synchronizing on the mobile. For this we recommend you to import the accounts.

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