When do you get back the money invested in Axie Infinity?

When do you get back the money invested in Axie Infinity?

One of the main doubts that people have before starting to work with Axie Infinity as a method of investment, is how long it takes to recover the investment. Safety of return is also a point that is often taken into account, because in spite of other investmentsthis is profitable if you dedicate enough time to it.

The world is evolving, and with a video game we can have a source of investment and of stable income. In this article we will detail the different aspects that affect the investment and how long it takes to recover, let's see.

What do you invest in when playing AXIE Infinity?

Many people will think of this game as the new gold mine for proposing such big profits in such a short time, but, you have to invest a good amount of money. Basically you must invest between 950 to $1,000 in the purchase of your Axies' first teama large sum, isn't it?

Form a team with Axies of good quality and with attributes that can help us win on the battlefield, will be in charge of paying us back. For this we will need to look for Axies at an average price of 330$with good cards and ideal genetics, these are purchased within the Marketplace via ETH.

But... What Axies are the ideal to buy and have a relatively short return on investment? We'll tell you about it right now. Choosing the best Axies with the right combination can make the difference between losing your money and being able to earn a salary each month.

Initial investment - Buying Axies to build our equipment

As we mentioned previously in the article, it will require an initial investment of approximately 1000$ for the purchase of our first 3 Axies. The ideal team would consist of a Support, a tank and a DPSWith these 3 we would already have a competent and balanced team on the battlefield.

But, depending on the qualities and cards of each individual, the price will vary and will be affected in terms of a higher or lower price a 330$. Let's look at the case of the tank:

A good tank should...

The tank is essential for any Axies team that wants to succeed on the battlefield. This Axie is in charge of receiving most of the damage caused by the other team, to buy a good tank we must filter them. This must have a life between 58 and the 61 pointsa genetics between the 5 purity points and good cards, the cards can vary according to your playing style.

The best cards that we can choose in a tank are those that will allow us to perform a damage, regenerate life, steal energy and enhance to our partners. These tanks are the best, if you wish to have a hard tank as rock, in other cases, full damage tanks are usually chosen.

A good Support must...

A support is the middle point of the team, it is the most balanced, it influences both attack and defense. This member of the team must be your decision, if you want a full damage team you must have a support with good genetics and attackwith cards that enhance the attack.

In other cases, the following are often seen Support with cards that give a buff at DPS and allow for better group performance. In either case, you can find them in the Marketplace for about 350$ are the most economical of good quality. The Support recommended are type beast and mechanics.

A good DPS must...

The DPS is the lethal part of the team, it is the Axie which is in charge of doing all the damage to the enemy equipment, the one that tank demolition y generates greater damage. This Axie is recommended to be a fish type or bird type, which are the fastest and best performing in this role.

A good DPS must have a damage in excess of 400 accumulated points, along with a good attack speed. You don't have to worry if your DPS is weak, with low life, it is not important, you should only focus on damage. The cards that a DPS should be aimed at attacking as much as possible and generating the most damage to the fastest part of the enemy team.

In conclusion:

The equipment must be balanced with these 3 roleseach at a price of 330$ and will allow us to have a good team for the adventure mode and sand. Choose the best ones, always remember to analyze the cards and the characteristics you want from each one so that you do not lose your investment.

Well, knowing that we have 1000$ initially invested, we can now perform calculations.

What is the return on investment for Axie Infinity?

The return on investment is a crucial issue at this point, since investing 1000$ is not child's play. Now we are going to provide you with a calculation that will let you know how soon you will have your investment back in your pocket.

Within the game, by winning arena battles and completing the adventure mode every day, we can earn SLPwhich are love potions for Axies to reproduce. These have a current value of 0.14$ in the market, it may go up or down depending on the day and the amount of SLP available.

In one day you can earn between 300 and 150 SLPDepending on how many hours you dedicate to the game, the average person usually spends about 4 hours a day. Well, this means that one month you will have about 4500-9000 SLPwhich multiplied by the value of each SLP (0.14) gives us an amount of 630$ to 1260$ depending on the pace of play and SLPs earned per day.

If we take into account the fact that we initially invested some 1000$ at the beginning of the game, the return on investment is fantastic, reaching up to 1 month or maximum 2 in some cases.

Axie Infinity is a excellent form of investment and future-proof, where you can make money with any investment method.

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