Where to buy AXIE Infinity?

One of the cryptocurrencies that is surprising in this 2021 is AXSa cryptocurrency derived from the game AXIE Infinity. Many users are looking to buy it as a form of investment, in this article we are going to present you the guide for buy AXS for Binance easy and fast.

Most of these cryptocurrencies should be purchased through popular exchangers and exchange platforms. In the following article we are going to explain what is the AXIE Infinitythe step by step to buy it and other important information you need to know.

Where to buy AXIE Infinity?

What is Axie Infinity?

This video game is inspired by Pokemon, it is a kind of universe where priority is given to the breeding of pets so that later on you can earn tokens in games and while building your own ecosystem. Within the video game each person will be able to breed, fight, collect and build an ecosystem for all of their pets, known as terrestrial kingdoms.

The game has presented a true revolution in terms of the obtaining of Ethereumgenerating to date, more than 2 million dollars in this cryptocurrency. It is the community of active users to earn Ethereum The number of players is increasing every day and, as a result, the experience is much, much better.

As we explained previously, this video game was designed to create an environment similar to Pokemon, where players can obtain hatchlings and have their own ecosystem. But, now evolved and has touches of a social network and employment, the earnings that can be obtained from it have attracted the attention of the community.

AXIE Infinity facilitates to all players an experience with the Blockchain that no other game had brought before. But beware, it is not at all complex in this aspect, as even people over 40 years old can play and make money without any knowledge of the blockchain. This point has been among the most influential in the early growth of the video game in terms of its player base.

How do I earn money on AXIE Infinity?

What distinguishes this game from any other method of make money is its fun system, you can perform hundreds of activities to earn money. It is not like the typical games of playing and playing where you end up getting bored after a while. AXIE you can earn money in the following ways:

  • Raising your position on the leaderboard, this can be obtained in battles PVP against other members of the ecosystem.
  • You can breed Axies to later sell them to the market and make a profit.
  • There are many types of AxiesIf you manage to collect from the Mystics and the Origins, you can sell them for a higher amount of money.
  • Cultivating potions of love, these are indispensable for breeding Axies.
  • The most innovative way, in the current year 2021, an AXS token is being distributed. token represents a real part of the whole ecosystem of the game. Each user can earn a token if they really make enough effort and contribute enough to the ecosystem. A plus point, as it won't necessarily go to the best players.

How to buy AXIE Infinity through Binance?

The platform Binance is being the most widely used exchanger for buy AXIE Infinity from anywhere in the world, fast and easy. Here is a guide for you step by step of everything you need to do to buy successfully.

  • Log in to your Binance account (If you don't have one you can create one for free with your email or cell phone).
  • Deposit the currency you have available for the purchase, it can be dollars, euros, pounds, etc.
  • Now, go to the market section and exchange your currency for USDT. Look for the pair that matches your currency, if it is dollars it will be USD/USDT. After exchanging your funds for USDT you can now exchange it for AXS.
  • Go to the main page and verify that the currency exchange has been successful. Then go to the "Market" section and look for the AXS/USDT pair, click on it.
  • Go through the purchase process, which is quite intuitive, and you're done. You have now purchased your AXS on the dashboard.

You can have this cryptocurrency in the Binance wallet, then sell it or transfer it to another wallet whenever you want. It would be advisable to transfer it to another wallet that we use to have more security.

The process results short and safefor Binance has optimized its purchasing times and in less than 5 minutes you can have your AXS. Another advantage of Binance is the security of the transaction, each seller went through an identity verification process and it is almost impossible to encounter fraudsters.

How to sell AXS on Binance?

The process results similar to the purchaseyou must have your account in Binance created and verified with identity and other regulations that request Binance to become a seller. The only variants in terms of the purchase process would be to transfer your AXS To the portfolio that provides you with Binance to put them up for sale.

You enter the market and offer yourself as a seller from AXSYou specify the maximum amount and at what rate you will be receiving it. After that, it is only a matter of minutes before a person interested in buying a loan will be able to buy it. AXS contact you and make the exchange. Always remember to specify which payment methods you receive so as not to have delays or inconveniences with the buyer.

If we told you earlier that anyone could win in the Axie Infinityany person can sell it at Binance. Currently This type of process is very simple.


If it is of interest to you, you can support the growth of Axie Infinity by joining their large player base and becoming one of the thousands of people that earn money by playing. It can be seen as an alternative source of income or a mini-job, fun is guaranteed.

There is a possibility that in the future you will be the person who sells the AXS you got in the game, give it a try if you wish. The Blockchain technology is here to stay and more and more projects like these are bringing us closer to the coming financial revolution.

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