What are the reasons for banning in Axie Infinity?

What are the reasons for banning in Axie Infinity?

Axie infinity was created to provide a working and fun environment, empower players and provide them with attractive opportunities for their pocket and the possibility to collect cute creatures. It is a video game with great availability, but there are factors that can't be ignored and, just like any other video game, it has its limitations and banning conditions. See below the reasons for banning in axie infinity.

Avoid being banned in Axie Infinity

You should know some details of the game that, truth be told, don't go amiss. Axie infinity is a bit limited, and it is possible to get banned if the system considers that you are putting the integrity of the platform and its members at risk; and although the support team can be a jewel at the time of any mishap, it will not help you if you are banned, in fact, if you get banned you will lose all popularity within the game.

There are a series of activities that the video game considers as illicit and/or malicious acts, you must be very careful not to fall into them. The points that we will mention below can affect mainly new players, had this way:

  1. Avoid opening more than one account on a device
  2. If you neglect the game during any activity you will fail all verification alerts.
  3. Avoid the use of third-party applications, whether programs or emulators, which instead of helping you will only harm you.
  4. Do not change the device time (in case you share the account with someone else) just verify that the time on your smartphone or pc is the current time in your region.
  5. A user is not allowed to have two accounts, but he/she can provide grants and give them to other users to generate more.
  6. If you have a scholarship and want to start your own axie account, you must log out of your scholarship account, and be inactive for at least 24 hours. Once the time has elapsed, log into the new account, only then the game will not take your action as abuse and you will not be banned.

If you are a new player

Axie infinity is a completely online videogame, to carry out any type of activity it will be necessary that you have a stable internet connection.

It will be a bit frustrating to lose the connection if you are in a battle, but these are risks you will have to take. It is also worth mentioning that these connection errors can also be taken as a malicious activity, so it is recommended that you only enter the game when you have an acceptable connection.

The server may take a while to respond, but avoid restarting your session many times, it is worth mentioning that this action of the server may be due to a large number of connected users, just wait a few seconds and continue with your work axie.

To avoid being a victim of these "technical" inconveniences, the ideal is to have a secondary connection, and you should be aware of the maintenance services that are usually carried out on the server, since the latter could incorrect data and be the cause of sudden logouts.

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